'Shock video' Emirati files case against YouTube uploader

Dubai Police turn investigation onto man who filmed violent attack on Indian motorist


Defamataion? Really? The local guy has brought disgrace upon himself by his own actions. I personally don't believe anything at all would have happened to him had the video not gone viral


Lol @ Andy. What would a Gulf Arab be doing in India? No reason for them to visit such a poor and desolate place.


Regardless what ever happened the indian driver is guilty at his end and the emarati driver is guilty at his end one should abide by the rule and follow it ..


There is so far evidence only of one offense. But I am glad to see that you sitting from the top of BurjKhalifa could see what happened right before. Could you please also upload the video?


As it appears that the local is guilty of a simple assault, what the video doesn?t show is what provoked the local to behave in such a way.


This video should be forwarded to the Indian news channels like Times and CNN IBN and debated , let the Indians know how there compatriots are treated in the Gulf , so that the Gulf arabs can get the same treatment some time in India.


One thing i know for sure, indians always respect the visitors of other countries and treat them royally, that's why we say " atithi devo bhava" means " guest is like God" but that happens only in india, i guess...


I would like to know what the Indian Consulate in Dubai is doing to support the poor fellow sitting in jail ?

M. A. Raheem

This is normal in Gulf (Middle East) if Expat have come across with any minor or major accident he is bound to be guilty and accused. The locals are innocent, i have seen many cases in Saudi Arabia the locals are abusing and spitting on Expats with no reason just because they are not locals they are slaves Expatriates.


Why do all the commenters here not understand?

If the person who filmed it went to the police in the first place, again he would still be thrown to jail for not asking for the guys permission, and none of this would have surfaced.


Next time it's better to ensure that u upload from another country.....


Article 372 of the UAE Penal Code, Federal Law No. 3 of 1987 states, ?Whoever attributes to another person by any means of
publicity, an incident which makes him liable to punishment or contempt, shall be punished by detention for a period not exceeding two years or by a fine not exceeding twenty thousand Dirhams." However the law fails to differentiate between a "True" attribution and a "False" one.

If read as it is written then every one who gives evidence in a court of law ( which after all is a public place ), against any one who has committed a crime and who is subsequently punished by the courts, himself becomes liable to prosecution under article 372.

The word "whoever" in Article 372 ( see www.ilovetheuae ) could also mean witnesses and victims. So even as you fight for justice you incriminate yourself.

peter peter

Agree totally


Expat must understand there are laws that govern UAE roads. The expat drivers must abide, meaning if there is an accident the driver must stop safely and wait for the authorities to resolve. This is normal procedure anywhere in UAE.

The incident brought not normal behavior during accident caused by an expat driver. The expat driver must face the consequence of his actions.

This incident is a reminder to all expat drivers to abide with the law of UAE during accident so that no further escalation. This should be the lesson learn in this way expat drivers and other road users in UAE may act in harmonious way.


Guys, cut Charlie some slack. He has just got a job and visa offer with such posts. If he makes a few more of such posts, he will get a signon bonus of 200 Riyals. Charlie, could you let us know your mailing address, so your offer letter and visa can be sent?


Oh god please help this guy Charlie....what kind of a person are you ??? A man who doesn't respect others doesn't deserves to be respected...


Getting the facts straight, the public prosecution will use the youtube footage as evidence and may issue a fine of a maximum of AED 10k to the Emirati for Minor assault. Whereas the Indian who recorded the incident is looking at an AED 20K fine or Two years in jail.

There is something seriously wrong on so many levels is concerning, cant believe that this is actually happening!

Abdul Qadeer

The main culprit is the guy who posted the film and wanted to be a hero. Such cases happen in every country, and the thing would have been settled. But after filming it and uploading it, it created unnecessary publicity.


Come on Billy, it's obvious why Abdul doesn't want captured on film, isn't it?


Abdul Qadeer if you really believe what you have written then it totally explains why Pakistan is such a mess of a country. I hope one day you are in need of a good Samaritan to help you out in a tough situation......but of course he will just walk away and leave you as he doesn't want to cause any undue publicity.

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