'Too handsome' Emirati set to make movie

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Omar Borkan Al Gala.

Omar Borkan Al Gala.

An Emirati man who was supposedly kicked out of Saudi Arabia for being too attractive has said he will make a movie out of the experience.

Three Emirati men were evicted from a religious festival in the strict Islamic kingdom by the Saudi religious police who deemed them “too handsome” and feared they could lead women astray, Arabic newspaper Elaph reported in April.

It has since been claimed that one of the men was Omar Borkan al-Gala, a model who now lives in Canada.

Al-Gala has never confirmed or denied that he was one of the men involved but admitted in an interview with Canadian TV that it had boosted his career.

He now has 800,000 followers on social media, 1m ‘likes’ on Facebook and has received marriage proposals.

“As a model, yeah, it put me on the next level,” he told Canadian TV.

But al-Gala would not reveal any further details to the network, saving the attention for the film.

“Whatever happened in Saudi is going to stay in Saudi for now," he said.

"I'm working on a 20-minute short movie to put my story altogether ... just to present it to the people who [are] following [me]."

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Posted by: Nick

Every time I see a news article surrounding this guy I always get excited, not because of what is said in the article, but because of all the comments that are made. Hilarious to say the least.

Posted by: Khaled

I will watch the movie as along as he stops applying make up, lipstick and eye liner.

Posted by: Al T

The real story is that this never happened but has not been corrected, either by the Western press or the press in this region. A shame when a sensationalist story is allowed to fester even when untrue - readership figures over facts? For what really happened read here - http://www.islawmix.org/the-man-too-handsome-for-saudi-arabia-who-wasnt/

Posted by: MSA

No offense, but this sounds a lot like Paris Hilton sort of situations

Posted by: Abdullah

He was asked to leave because of inappropriate conduct during the cultural - not religious - event of folklore dancing and chanting .

Posted by: Sam

In case you have not figured it out, the goal is Saudi-bashing....so anyone willing to help in the "cause" gets all the press he/she wishes for.

I never believed the story from day one, and sadly the Saudi PR service (if there is one) never rectified it either.

Posted by: RAH

Your comment makes sense much more than this article. I find it hard to believe KSA would kick someone out just because he was "beautiful". Saudis have beautiful facial features, often surpassing many of the Emirati nationality, yet we dont hear them being kicked out of events for being beautiful/

There is more to this guy being kicked out and your comment makes more sense. He just used this opportunity to further himself and his career by lying about the true reason he was asked to leave.


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