“We screwed up," admits Better Homes boss

CEO admits to publishing false ads after Arabian Business investigation, blames human error


its a She not a He ;-)


Its shows the Better Home poor standard, and charging 700 Dhs for renew the apartment, admin. Staff does not have manners,


Fabrication doesn't fall under human error sir! Your arrogance is unbelievable!


please understand that this is a simple copy and paste error, agents are rushed for time and want to list properties quickly. The software to list the properties contain a min requirement of words to discribe the property and sometimes the agents copy and paste a description without reading it fully..... big mistake i agree, but truly human error. and the error of the individual agent .

I also believe alot of the negative comments here might be from other real estate companies hoping for better homes to lose a bit of market share..

I am familiar with better homes and they have numerous checks in place before they can advertise a property including having a title deed copy passport copy of the owner and a document with terms and conditions signed by the owner enabling better homes to advertise and sell.

I know for a fact lots of its competion do not take these steps and simply copy and advertise other companies listed properties with being in contact with the owner directly.


Pretending argument!!! As an agent, this ad is addressed to local audience. When someone travel from overseas trailing this bait, all I have to do is to change the present into future tense.

As a typical broker, ?metro will be connected to monorail in a month?. Possibly, ?those tunnels and parks can be built within 3 months?. Considering the travel, hotel stay, family dreams, their doubts will be neutralized by hopes. In other words, we call it trap.

Naveen Shetty

How can CEO use these kind of words in his interview. As CEO he should select his words carefully as he is not talking to his 'buddies' in a pub. This shows the personality of a Individual who is heading the BH. I wonder what kind of standards he can instill in his workplace.


it's called "truth in advertising", and BH has pretty well mangled it.
be kind to them, people.
it's hard to restore trust after you've been found to have lied... and so much at that!


The obvious "Human Error" lies fairly and squarely in management from the TOP DOWN.

Who releases any document, internal or external without going through internal checks to make sure it is firstly true and then secondly reported acurately.


Misrepresentation is still ongoing. I recently sent an online inquiry to Better Homes asking for more info about a Villa advertised, only to find out later from the agent that it was actually a townhouse. Another time, it was worse - it was actually an apartment. Very loose internal standards indeed. Get your act together, BH.

Just another scam

This isn't the only property agents that "screwed" up. This CEO is still unwilling to take the blame for such misleading information. Others did the same so are we to say it was human error each time and it's allowed. Thousands of people lost money investing into places which provided information by these agents and others who did this deliberately. It was all about the sale, it didn't matter if it actually hurt anyone. There are many more than require to be behind bars including this one. The quicker these sorts of people in this industry and punished for these crimes the more transparent they will need to be. It is not right that they advise unsuspecting buyers of information about a place when none of this is true but for a sale they will do anything and they did. It is obvious what they did they knew about because they all did it so there is no question about this. Anyone involved should all be put out of business and charged with providing fraudulent information.


I hope RERA should take immediate action against these type of companies who are fooling people. This is not a human error.

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