6 alternative uses for Botox

Dubai’s The Private Clinic reveals unusual ways you can use the anti-ageing treatment for health and beauty purposes
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Botox is one of the most common anti-ageing treatments out there, with more than 70 percent of women aged from 40 to 65 seeking regular Botox injections. But did you know that Botox could be used for alternative health and beauty purposes? Dubai’s The Private Clinic specialises in cosmetic procedures and reveals six unusual and alternative ways in which you can use the product:

1. Sweaty armpits: To reduce sweaty armpits, Botox can be injected into the small muscles that contract to push sweat out. Botox prevents the muscles from contracting and results in virtually no sweat, according to the clinic. With temperatures rising as high as 45 degrees Celsius in the UAE, we wonder how many of us could benefit from this treatment.

2. Oily skin: Considering Botox helps stop sweat, it only makes sense that it can help reduce the excess production of sebum – the substance that results in oily looking skin. According to the clinic, a subdermal injection of Botox can help treat oily skin and reduce the size of the pores as well.

3. Overactive bladder: Overstimulated bladder muscles can limit your daily actions and comfort. Botox can help control your necessity to constantly use the bathroom by being injected into the bladder wall – which is connected to the muscles and helps slow them down.

4. Eye twitch: Experts at the clinic revealed that long before Botox became famous for its ability to smooth out wrinkles, it was used to correct eye twitches by injecting it into hyperactive muscles. If you suffer from constant stress and computer-use, you probably experience eye twitches often. At least now you know there’s a cure!

5. Tight jaw: The constant grinding of teeth and clenching of the jaw, referred to as TMJ, can swell the muscles at the edge of the jaw and in the scalp, making the face appear off balance. Injecting in those areas can thus soften the angles of the face and release any muscular tension.

6. Gummy smile: If your smile shows more gum than teeth, a few injections of Botox can help. The product helps reduce movement in the upper lip by temporarily freezing the muscles that lift it when you smile. This prevents it from retracting and exposing too much of your gum.

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