A380 door did not open midflight - Emirates

Dubai airline dismisses newspaper flight claiming door flung open at 27,000 feet

Emirates has dismissed a report in UK newspaper the Daily Mail that a door was partially open and cabin pressure lost on a recent Airbus A380 flight.

According to the report, a passenger heard a loud noise and a cabin door came ajar by an inch and a half while on a flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong. Crew then apparently stuffed blankets around the door to try to stem the loss of air from the cabin.

"The conditions were terrible for the rest of the flight," said passenger David Reid, who tipped the newspaper off about the incident.

"The door continued to make a horrendously loud droning sound which made it impossible to speak to each other. Worst of all, it was absolutely freezing."

In a statement, Emirates responded: “At no time during the flight did one of the upper deck doors open.”

“There was also no loss in cabin pressurisation at any time during the flight."

"This is currently under investigation in conjunction with Airbus. Emirates have now fixed the problem."

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Posted by: Steven

Emirates success, WHAT??? Stop kidding yourself that the airline is successful from its own merit. Any airline in the world can be successful if their governments offered "carte blanche" with unlimited funds...

Posted by: Sam

TO Emirates: DON'T tell us what DID NOT happen. Tell us what actually happened.

Typical EK arrogance - short statements that are vague and do not admit problems/faults.

They don't even have any complaints forum on their website - although tonnes of other blogs can now be read where Emirates pax are fuming away...at their arrogance (again).

Some smart guy there obviously thinks the best policy is to ignore problems (at least in public). But if its the public you are flying around, then certainly not reassuring to fly an apparently "deaf" airline.

Glad I don't fly them anymore luckily!

Posted by: Sam

@Russ,,,,there you go - you mention that "Emirates are saying no record so it did not happen". THIS is EXACTLY what is WRONG with Emirates. I remember being told that once an EK aircraft had to make an Emergency landing in India cos 3 out of 4 engines went down one by one - and the pax were asked to don their life vests in case the 4th engine went out too and they had to ditch in the Bay of Bengal during the night flight (NOT an exciting option...). Such a BIG scare..many pax I am sure felt that was their end. BUT....EK remained tight lipped and said nothing about it at all. I am sure this was not isolated and there are hundreds of incidents over the past 25+years.

If you have hundreds of daily flights, incidents are likely to happen - may God keep all safe - but instead of sounding like a bad politician and master the art of deception, I think it would be MORE re-assuring if they revealed all the details of whatever incidents may happen. Its really as simple as that.

Posted by: Russ

I was on an A380 flight on 17th Jan from Auckland to Sydney when the door started blowing behind my seat. It was also business class. They taped up the door and reduced the noise,which was very loud. Emirates are saying no record so it did not happen.
Then the same plane was diverted to Singapore on its Sydney Dubai leg, because of technical reasons.

Posted by: Sam

@ABB. The word is "Physics", not "physic" - I guess we all now really know who didn't got to school after all.

Also, since you evidently don't read a lot, let me try to educate you: Whilst it may be virtually impossible to OPEN an airplane door in-flight; there have been incidents where the door has blown off due to mechanical failure (Google "United Flight 811). Emirates incident was NOT someone trying to OPEN the door, so your theory is irrelevant - as is the rest of your comment really.

Posted by: ABB

Sam you just one of those haters that cant stand Emirates success & their growing reputation!!! stay like you are & be happy with Canada Airline as its more than enough for people like you. DOORS never open at 30 or 20 or 10,000 feet.... i believe you never attend school & know nothing about physic!

Posted by: jane

Someone is lying! Doors don't open at 30,000 feet without 'ALL' inside know about it, or it didn't happen at all.

Nonetheless, Sam, you've made my day. You are right, they arrogantly don't take criticism at all and totally ignore any written complaints and I have made a few. All we hear are the cliched' worship anything Emirates brigade defending the realm at even the slightest slight.

Emirates has many good aspects and most love Dubai, thus being able to count on so many, seemingly blind, droolers 'in awe of Dubai' gives them free range to cockily display absolute arrogance above reality,

Never fly with again for me either. Fed up with such tiny, cheap hard seating, some crabby rattling planes and endlessly fighting to redeem 'expiring' points among ridiculous restrictions. Yet to top it all, they had a 'children fly free' promo and the crew so rudely forced me to let a fat maid carrying two chubby wrigglers next to me all the way from France. 4 people occupying 2 seats.

Posted by: Don

Dear Red Snappa
The door did not open, and there was no loss in cabin pressurisation, which Emirates denied from the Daily Mail Story. There was a slight issue with the door (which made sound) which Airbus needs to fix.

If there was a slight air pressurisation the seat oxsygen mask would have come out, and it did not.

Posted by: Red Snappa

"This is currently under investigation in conjunction with Airbus. Emirates have now fixed the problem."

So EK statement just admitted there was a problem, after denying there was one, HK safety enquiry at the very least!

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