AED250 water makes Dubai debut

Water conservation groups say cost of one bottle of Bling H20 could supply a child with water for life.

OVERPRICED? A bottle of Bling H20 retails for between AED180 and AED250.

OVERPRICED? A bottle of Bling H20 retails for between AED180 and AED250.

A bottle of water costing AED250 ($68) that made its Dubai retail debut on Monday has been met criticism by water conservation groups.

Bling H20 water was unveiled at Dubai’s Harvey Nichols last night where the crystal-encrusted bottles will be on sale for between AED180 and AED250.

The same amount of money would supply a child in Africa with water for life, reported Dubai daily 7days.

The store also has two limited edition Bling H2O bottles to sell, each one embellished with 10,000 Swarovski crystals, for AED15,000.

Ted Kuepper, executive director of Global Water, the international charity that campaigns for clean drinking water in developing nations, said the news of Bling H20 had left a bad taste in his mouth.

“As you could guess, paying exorbitant amounts for bottled water doesn’t make much sense to us at our humanitarian organisation,” says Kuepper.

“We’d rather see those folks contribute to water projects that can help people in developing countries that do not have clean water to drink at any price.

Kuepper told the paper the charity was trying to raise AED8,800 ($2,400) for a well at a rural school in Nicaragua.

Bling H20’s was created by the Hollywood writer and producer Kevin G Boyd. The water is bottled at its source in Dandridge, Tennessee.

What do you think about the cost of Bling H20? Will you be buying a bottle? Tell us what you think, post your comments below.

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Posted by: The Don

Why, is it filled from water discovered in Mars or Europa Moon? Lets be more human, irrespective we can afford it or not: there are many people starving around the world and it would be much better to donate the price of this bottle of water (if you can afford it) to help those people who can't find bar minimum daily food portion nor water.

Posted by: Jeff

Those who are criticizing are just jealous that they cant afford it. Guess what, there are people who can afford to shower with this water, and they are more important than your jealous selves! I personally will buy it once or twice, but fully respect that some people will buy more of it, because thats what life is about, bling! If you cant afford it, at least respect those who can , because they are richer than you .

Posted by: lisa

it's all about the bling baby! bling has been selling out all over the world for the last 3 years. it's just now getting here. you may not like talking about it but Dubai is the land of excessand bling h2o is perfect for this market. in the clubs rich people are spraying expensive champagne like they won a championship every night. it is what it is and its going to be a big hit here in Dubai! they already did 2 thousand bottles for 1 royal wedding here in February and i don't think it will be the last.

Posted by: Jazz

Enough with the water, if I want to donate to charity I will and if I want to spend my money on something like Bling I will! Stores are full of people who can buy what they want, and wear the latest in designer clothes...fur...snake but not to buy a bottle with crystals? Make a proper argument people! Go Bling!

Posted by: Lissa

Bling H2O is an interesting and new idea for the market targeting a niche market constituted of elite individuals or corporate entities - if you want to view it from a business side - eventhough its profitablity is still unclear. it has definitely shaken the world with its pros and cons. And it surely highlighted further the absurdity of our world and its top heads!! this new brand makes you think of how far we are moving from being humanitarian and compassionate and how materialistic and shallow we are becoming! Water is a necessity for god's sake!! a necessity that people including kids are dying to get a drop of it! and who would buy it seriously?! if you are planning to, think again of what you would do with the excessive amount of money you have and try to give it a tiny little portion of it to a charity or even to me!

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