Ahmadinejad says ready to be sent into space

Chuck U Farley

Nothing like one way tickets!

World for the People

Send Obama, Netinyahu et al into space, the world would be a better place.

Rikki Erhart

I feel that would be the best place for him to be and to remain.

Jihad Jaljouli

Regardless whether we agree with their foreign policy or not but the scientific achievements during his rule are to be respected,,, while we Arabs are still buying our head cover from Germany & France.

Mike Mattace

I think most of us would also be ready to have him sent to space.


It's probably more to do with the fact he gives orders for the army to shoot his own people the moment they dare suggest they want someone else other than him as their leader.

anyone but him

no Zoro man not because of that.

Because he did not win the election fairly and squarely and deprived Iranians of the very real possibility of a future.
Now we have none.

So you might want to be at the front of the queue saving his face, but ask an Iranian going through the mess we have today with the exchange rate, price rises, shortages in food etc.

Mark of Zoro

Why? Just because he speaks about the ARROGANCE of the WEST - which is 100% TRUE

Bashar Rahabi

Ahmadinejad says ready to be sent into space.....
President's comments to Iranian media come after successful monkey launch

Nice heading !!!!

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