Al Jazeera buys Al Gore’s Current TV

Deal to boost Doha-based network’s reach in the US to around 40m homes

Sam from Canada

Spoton Procan!
Sad part is they seem to be too arrogant and/or ignorant to want to face reality and/or the truth. NOT implying AlJazeera is (always) the truth :)

Everyone has an agenda, so cant blame them for having one too..


Watching the USA election from Kuwait if I wanted to know what Demarcates were doing I watched NBC. Republicans I watched FOX. They all lie. News and Politicians. The politicians do not care and the news media takes sides and they don't care so whats the friggen point? everyone wants to be in control. Its really kinda scary if you stop and think as the cliff gets closer.


Al Jazeera is more than welcome to the news market place if they can afford it great for them. I wonder if Fox News would be as welcome in the Middle East news market place ? We still have Press TV (Iran) here in Canada and is great entertainment. It is so far off the wall ( by western sensibilities) much like SNL comedy show. Just a update Time Warner a Major Cable operator has just dropped Current TV when the announcement was made public here .Happy Capitalistism



Why? Do you have a problem with Fox News?


Nirsly; you need to introduce your own kind of fantasy news coverage if you wish to equate skynews with Fox News.



Fox news is already available in the Middle East, directly and through its puppet Sky News which is in Arabic and English. No one fought against their entry or broadcast on any service.

Unlike the hypocrisy of US freedom of speech which is specifically targeting Aljazeera, and even went so far as to Bomb Aljazeera offices in Afghanistan.


Everyone will be dropping Current TV as quickly as possible, American DO NOT want to watch Aljazeera no matter what, American will stop subscribing to their cable company if AL Jazeera is part of the bouquet. No, money will not buy you everything Qatar, you should stick to your neighborhood.
keep spending money like there is no tomorrow, Gore and his partners are laughing all the way to the bank.


Your comment show the real "American Freedom" your people claim to have. Your only worried because Al Jazeera can and hopefully WILL change the mindset of the brainwashed Americans.


I hate to agree with DBX but he is on the money here ( no pun intended). Personally I believe more news sources the better. Deeply embedded suspicious and unfounded hatred of the Middle East is every where north America.

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