Alcohol could revive Pearl-Qatar - expert

Lifting a ban on alcohol at the Pearl-Qatar could lead to resurgence in tourism numbers


Errr - I know a place called The Walk on Jumeirah Beach in Dubai that thrives with no alcohol - The eateries are packed every night. Also - for those of you who are naive enough to think the F.A. would have awarded the World Cup to a country that was going to be dry and turned it's back on millions of dollors in sponsorship from the drinks companies- then you need to wake up!!! Qatar isn't dry - drink is freely available in 5 star hotels, just like the UAE and there is no chance of the country EVER being dry. (At least not until after the world cup!)Pearl isn't attached to a 5 star hotel - so therefore should be dry. It's simple really - rules are rules???!


I think you will find that Bahrain will end up being the main base for football fans during the world cup. The Qatar-Bahrain Causeway will be in place by then so it will be a 40 minute drive from Manama which has the most liberal alcohol laws in the region. Drinks are available outside hotels so there are great little independent restaurants and bars. Strangely enough, it has some of the toughest Ramadan legislation with NO booze apart from private members clubs so I can only hope that it does not fall during July in 2022.


Ramadan in 2022 will be in April


So you people are saying, as long as it makes economic sense then we should allow it? How about we open marijuana coffeshops, that would bring lots of tourists. Some people should learn to accept the choice of the citizens and respect the culture.

ex Qatar Expats

dont listen to those alcoholic people. alcohol is bad to your health and your faith. just stay away from Allah's anger, and your people would be saved for the entire of your life.

Qatar and others GCC countries should invest more in education, technology, creative and health industry than invest in tourism who would/might endanger your people's faith and traditional culture with inappropriate/immoral habits of the tourists themselves.

Muslims have been experienced an advanced civilization for centuries without consuming alcohol, so why should we follow those alcoholic people's way?


You don't have to follow 'those alcoholic people's way'. You could just let non-Muslims consume alcohol while you yourself stay away and bask in your sense of self-superiority.

People are talking as if the plan is to make everyone drink alcohol. It's actually about giving people a choice. If they make the wrong one, that's their problem.

Anthony Brookes

My wife and I visit Qatar annualy and have watched the Pearl rise from the sea to its present state The restaurants do enhance the standard of living for both local people and expats and if alcohol is consumed sensibly in the retaurants and is regulated by local law it could benefit the businesses there It is when consumed recklessly that it causes a problem.We both admire and respect the Qatari people and the laws of the country and do not find the alcohol regulations onerus.We are just as happy with friut juice in the Souk as an apperatif in the hotels,but it is up to the legistators to decide what isappropriate.


@ Telcoguy. I don't know the full extent of the Qatari gas reserves, though I know they are vast. It was my understanding from my exposure that wider economic growth away from Gas was a long term objective in the same way that it is in Abu Dhabi (though that's sometimes debateable). If this isn't the case and the real game is to think up ever more ingenious ways to blow cash reserves, then whilst crass (standard), it does also put things into perspective a bit in terms of the 'projects' viability.
I'm not convinced though. Regional pride if nothing else will drive Qatar to try and compete at least to a certain level with neighbours.
But taking on board what sigh... has pointed out, I think it is a bit irrelevant as I doubt Qatar will ever go dry.
However, my point was really @ Abdullah and Very clear and others. Qatar can't fill the events it's chosen, or fill its residences or its hotels unless it has alcohol. You may not like it, but it means alcohol will remain on the menu.


So much ignorance, so many comments.

There is no blanket ban on alcohol in Qatar. All 4-5* hotels serve alcohol and expats easily get a licence for their private consumption.

The Pearl is not Qatar -- it is simply one development. It was the first place where restaurants (outside a hotel) could serve alcohol, but that was stopped. There are now other restaurants outside hotels which do serve.

As for the world cup, the organising committe has repeatedly said alcohol will be easily availabile for expats.

I know it's hard work, but try commenting on facts not random rumours.

george jefferson

Am not sure Qatari Govt is interested in tourism .
Dubai govt spends most of its money in Dubai ,on Dubai's infrastructure, coordinating events and major social issues with coordination with major business leaders.
Qatar on other hand invests abroad , showing lack of confidenece and palnning in its own city.

Azfar Naim

I support alcohol not being anywhere in Qatar. We have to prove that business does not depend on Alcohol.

who you fooling

So you want no tourists/football fans in the Middle East during the world cup. Good plan!!


Abdulla, that might be your view but I know several Qatari's who will disagree with you completely. This is not my problem but up to you guys to make up your mind.

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