Almost 20% want all sex education books banned

Almost 20 percent of people who took part in the latest Arabian Business poll said they thought all sex education books should be banned.

A total of 18.9 percent of respondents to the online poll said they did not think sex education books should be allowed full stop.

The poll follows news that Wedad Lootah, an Emirati social worker, plans to write a series of three books on the subject of sex for kindergarten, junior school and high school pupils.

All her books will be based on Islamic teachings and follow her bestselling title ‘Top Secret: Principles and Etiquette of an Intimate Marital Relationship’, that was first published in Arabic last year and became an instant hit, selling more than 17,000 copies.

Some 47.5 percent of poll respondents said they thought youngsters at high school were the right age to start learning about sex.

While 19.9 percent of people said they thought sex education books could be written for younger children of kindergarten age if they were “not too grown up”.

However, 13.7 percent said they thought it was better for children to learn about the birds and the bees from a young age.

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Posted by: Greer

Taking AB's obvious minority bias into account, why was the headline not : "13.7% want The Birds & The Bees taught to Youngsters!" I think the author of the books has been very responsible in doing what she has done - an excellent step forward and something that should be followed and COMMENDED, not having media searching for anything they can that will pull it down...

Posted by: Tim

Could the article not have been titled "80% want sex education books in kidergartens". Is the glass 80% FULL or 20% EMPTY - it seems all the same to me !

Posted by: Greer

Yes here we go again.... the headline based on the negative and not the positive...and 20% of "people"...who? Readers all over the world? Readers in the GCC? Readers throughout the Arab nations? People you bumped into in the street? Some bloke in a bar....? If its a bit boring to put at least minor details about the poll in the body of the article, please put something explaining it at the bottom... for goodness sake... ...and stop focusing on the about doing it the right way around for a change?

Posted by: gordon

well 80% does not want them banned

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