Aquarium leak sparks Dubai Mall evacuation

UPDATE 2: Incident occurred around 12.30pm; police and fire services attended the scene.

AQUARIUM LEAK: This picture was taken by an eyewitness.

AQUARIUM LEAK: This picture was taken by an eyewitness.

Part of Dubai Mall was evacuated on Thursday after the Dubai Aquarium began to leak.

A spokesman for Dubai Mall said: “A leakage was noticed at one of the panel joints of the Dubai Aquarium at The Dubai Mall and was immediately fixed by the aquarium’s maintenance team. The leakage did not impact the aquarium environment or the safety of the aquatic animals. The Dubai Aquarium works with international experts in aquarium management and upholds the highest safety standards in its management.”

The above picture was taken by an eyewitness.

The incident occurred around 12.30pm, and police and fire services attended the scene.

The aquarium at Dubai Mall boasts one of the largest tanks in the world, which has the capacity to hold 10 million litres of water. The front viewing glass is the world’s largest aquarium window, and according to the Dubai Mall website the tank homes more than 33,000 living animals, representing more than 85 species including over 400 sharks and rays combined.

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Posted by: open your eyes

some very strange comments here from people who want to hide the truth and see this is as over sensationalised.

The truth is the truth, however unpalatable.
You can close your eyes, put your hands over your ears if you wish, but the truth will still find you out, no matter how hard you try to run from it.

Thankfully AB and people like Rashid live in the 21st century so all is not lost ... yet

Posted by: Rashid

@Bahrainitaxi... Yes, I agree with you - for the first time... AB was right to report it... Many other local websites did. It is import to report these things (blunders)... Unlike Gizmodo or other websites owned by NEWS CORP. (Zawya, et al) that used this leak as proof of hubris, vanity, and an ominous warning of an apocalyptic end to Dubai, AB just reported the news... Bravo!!! And yes I am "LOCAL"

Posted by: Malik

Dubai has the highest safety standards .and what happened here is just normal and it has been fixed.It could happen any where It is really ridiculous that all the news mentioned this .It just a leakage for god sake . Everyone just want to criticize Dubai for anything.

Posted by: one of the joes

In early 2010 the aquarium leaked for the first time.
things have happened and continue to happen, that is normal life.

Water went as far as the parking garage and shops stayed closed for an extended period of time.

Even if you spend as much money as Dubai on developments and marketing.

But downplaying and denial do not do any good - inform people and admit what's happening. That may help develop more trust than the other way around.

Posted by: Bahraintaxi

AB is primarily a local newsite, hence ARABIAN Business, and this is local news. It's perfectly normal for local news media to give prominance to newstories that wouldn't make it into the global media. Nobody (except for Sensationalism and Fred) is comparing this incident to 9/11 or other disasters in Nigeria, Bolivia, the USA or anywhere else. This story has local importance because: (a) it could have been a lot worse and therefore is a wake-up call and; (b) it's high time Dubai (and other GCC states, but especially Dubai) started to focus on safety, reliability, and sustainability. It's all very well going on some sort of Freudian chase after the biggest this, the tallest that and the longest the other, but none of this amounts to anything if things start to collapse on people's heads. This isn't part of a sensationalistic media campaign against Dubai; it is merely responsible local reporting highlighting health and safety issues for the people who work and shop in the mall (and the poor fish).

Posted by: sensationalism hater

It is so obvious these news sites(everyone knows which ones) are trying to sensationalize everything that happens to dubai these days... everything is because they are stupid foolish etc etc... it was a leak, it was solved... atleast this isnt like maktoob who are treating it as 9/11

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