Mukesh Jagtiani

Mukesh Jagtiani

Industry: Retail

Company: Landmark Group

Designation: Chairman

Country: UAE/India

Occupation: Chairman

Micky Jagtiani is an enigmatic man. Driven to build a retail empire that turns billion dollar profits year after year, he says he wants to give it all away, and adds that charity is his true calling. 2010 was a good year for Landmark - it bought the franchise for the Fitness First gyms in the Gulf, as well as that of the Carluccio’s restaurant chain.

Jagtiani was educated in Mumbai and Beirut before emigrating to London. He founded Landmark Group in Bahrain in 1973 when he opened Babyshop, selling children's fashion and footwear.

The group has since diversified into leisure, food, hotels and electronics and its own logistics and distribution networks. It employs around 31,000 people at more than 900 stores across fifteen countries including the Gulf states, India, China, Spain and Pakistan.

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