Bahrain's first sex shop owner appears in court

Khadija Ahmed denies insulting a Customs officer during argument about sex aids import.

SEX SHOP: Khadija Ahmed says her shop helps save marriages by putting excitement back into couple's lives. (Getty Images)

SEX SHOP: Khadija Ahmed says her shop helps save marriages by putting excitement back into couple's lives. (Getty Images)

The female owner of Bahrain’s first sex shop has appeared in court accused of insulting a Customs officer during an argument over the import of sex aids and games.

Khadija Ahmed denied the charge at Lower Criminal Court on Monday and the case was adjourned to September 15, according to a report in the Gulf Daily News.

The mother-of-three told the paper her shop is a legitimate business that also helps save marriages by putting excitement back into couple’s lives.

"I established the store to help married couples, because the issue most Bahraini couples suffer from is the lack of interest in their intimate relationship,” she told the paper.

Ahmed opened Khadija Fashion House in 2008 selling lingerie, sex aids and games to a loyal and increasing customer base.

She has faced issues with Customs officials over some of the products she tried to import that they said were not authorised.

"The products I sell don't go against Islam. There is nothing that prohibits married couples from enjoying their sex lives, or preventing them from having a happy marriage," she told the paper.

"Customs staff confiscated some of my products, even though some are widely available in pharmacies and other stores.”

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Posted by: Sami Afandi

Thats not shame my brother, it ois absolute legal under Islamic regulations but needs some terms & conditions on who can enter such place & buy, and in this case only women wo can get into such shops & buy where they should show that they are married and buying such items for their boyfriends ........ and so on. Islam prohibited trade in some items identified as (Haram) and these products which Ahmed is selling are not included as well as doen't encourage for (ZINA ?????) and above all - Almighty Allah only knows the right and truth behind all this DRAMA going on

Posted by: ziad

what is it about this subject that some persons have lake of understanding this is not a sex shop it is a uniform shop I been in it and I liked, this has nothing to do with Islam , Islam is in the hart and not in looks what man and his wife if confidential, we all have to see the big screen, marriage life do come to a point of holt or dullness this shop helps these couples to pass this stage, therefore the Bahrain courts don?t have open minds thy hide behind Islam they can?t be the judge for such issues. If this shop hearts Muslims and Islam what about prostitution, why close one eye and open another. I wish Mrs Ahmed all the best with her venture.

Posted by: Ayman

Islam encourages if not commands Muslims to tend to the sexual needs of their husbands or wives. So, let's get that clear. If anyone disputes this matter, refer to the Hadith of Jabir. The Prophet Muhammad (p) advised him on matters related to his sexual life quite frankly, and honestly. The difference is, in Islam their is no vulgarity - but there is nothing wrong with being frank.

Her business can be beneficial, however, some serious moderation needs to be implemented. For one, she shouldn't be answering her male customer's questions. Let her husband do this, and she can answer her female customer's questions. A simple solution. If she even has an older son, who has reached adulthood, he can do this.

Secondly, she needs to ensure that her products do not show sexual images.

Thirdly, she needs to ensure that nothing is publicly advertised. Sexuality is private, and is between a husband and a wife - it is very profound.

Posted by: Avi

I lived in Bahrain for 5yrs, and out of all the middle eastern places we stayed Bahrain was the friendliest and most normal, I was very sad to leave and am not happy to be back in Qatar. What really gets me is that the Islamic men will pick on innocent people, trying to make a living, and woman doing nothing bad, like this poor lady yet nothing is done about the prostitution, because they are using them themselves, and yet when a lady does things like Mrs Ahmed to help married couples keep their men happy they get abused .... The men in these countries need to take stock of their lives before pointing fingers at others. I wish Mrs Ahmed all the best with her venture.

Posted by: AJ

I can't really sea what's wrong with the shop she's not selling people's body she just selling items , which should be available in shops whats wrong with wearing these for married people western people would just like to wear these things for their lovers I may be wrong & I'mnot religiouse but I can't sea the logic about this being wrong , but it's different then what we usually sea in our normal shops I believe that this lady is doing a favour to alot of people , in the end it's just like the internet it's you who use it the things properly or miss use it , just like the TV , you may watch adult movies or you may watch important and things that you can learn from

Posted by: HussainAlZayani

Hi, This women is only doing business for money. Remember the time of Prophet, This is totally against Islam. She sould feel shame when her own unmarried daughter with these items. Bahrain is Islamic country you should follow the Islam, I dn't know which side Bahrain is going. Regards.

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