Bangladeshis banned in Bahrain

Interior minister orders authorities to stop issuing work permits following brutal murder of Bahraini.

Bangladeshis have been banned from working in Bahrain following the alleged brutal murder of a Bahraini national by a mechanic from the Asian nation.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa on Monday ordered authorities to stop issuing work permits to Bangladeshis amid calls from MPs to deport all Bangladeshis from the Gulf island state, Bahrain's Gulf Daily News reported on Tuesday.

The accused was charged with premeditated murder on Friday for allegedly slitting the throat of Mohammed Jassim Dossary with a hacksaw after a disagreement over payment for work on the victim’s car.

The murder has outraged some Bahraini government officials, who have repeatedly claimed Bangladeshi immigrants are behind the nation’s growing crime problems.

Following the murder, MP Abdul Halim Murad demanded the deportation of more than 100,000 Bangladeshi labourers from the kingdom.

Murad on Sunday called on the government to “put a timetable for the deportation of Bangladeshi labourers from Bahrain after their repeated involvement in murders and other crimes”.

Bangladesh Embassy head Saif Al-Islam said the move had left him and his colleagues in shock and the embassy would appeal against it.

"For one person the government is punishing a whole nation, which is not acceptable to us. We will appeal to the government to reconsider this…we will ask them at least to delay implementing this restriction," he told the Gulf Daily News.

"There are thousands of Bangladeshi people working in the cold and heat for the development of Bahrain.

"We have a good relationship with the people and respect Bahrain. The government should not take such a harsh action."

Al-Islam said 106,000 Bangladeshis are currently working in various sectors across Bahrain.

Murad had also called on Sunday for the accused to be swiftly executed, so that “justice will be done”.

Although Bahrain applies the death penalty, executions are seldom carried out.

Bahrain executed two Bangladeshi workers in December 2006 after the king upheld their death sentences. They were the first executions to be carried out in the Gulf state since 1996.

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Posted by: Anjali Agarwal

In this day and age of global exchange and empathy, such news manages to shock. Whats the point of building super modern buildings and expansion plans, when that which is the important building block of a society- pragmatic and fair thinking, is missing!

Posted by: shahriar

I think you people have lack of common sense as you are intending to deport all Bangladeshis from Bahrain. You can't blame the people of an entire nation for an isolated event. Look in US, they experienced the brutal 9/11 which was supposed to be led by the notorious terrorist Osama bin Laden who is by born an Arab... Did the US deport all Arabs from the USA? The answer is certainly "NO"...because they have the conscience, common sense and logical way of thinking.

Posted by: NZ

Just wondering what'd happen if the murderer happened to be a keralite... ;) Bahrain would fall back to stone age.

Posted by: Mashuk Chowdhury

So far, it is just the allegation of murder, and scanty mention of circumstances and evidence. How is the prosecution going about mounting the case? Is there an eyewitness? What type of forensic evidence does the prosecution intend to produce to establish the accused as the murderer? Will the defense be given access to a competent lawyer? Will the defense be allowed to examine the evidence before they are submitted to the judge? What legal procedures and sentencing guidelines will the judge follow to dispose this case? And can the defense appeal the verdict? Finally the motive: if the alleged did in fact commit such heinous act of violence, why did he do so? It behooves the Bahraini nation to ask these questions for their own sake as opposed to loosing themselves in the mass hysteria of profitless xenophobic anger. Answers to these questions will serve not only the essential purpose of due process involved in a credible justice system but also may help the Bahraini nation gain through this very tragic incidence a fair picture of what ought to be a very valuable part of themselves: the true measure of their justice system and by extension their humanity. At this point, one can only hope that the victim's life was not lost in vain.

Posted by: SA

It is true that Bangladeshis are behind most of the crimes. From murder to sexual abuse, you name it! No other nationality has the same rate of committing crime in the country like the Bangladeshis. I salute the government of Bahrain.

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