Better Homes runs false claims on property ads


I personally had a really bad experience dealing with Better Homes. The broker informed us the apartment will be vacant in 2 days and we need to act fast to be able to get the apartment as the landlord has other offers.
After 10 days of wait the broker informed me to call the owner directly as he is not sure yet when the apartment will be vacant. I mean isn't that Better Home (broker) job to make sure apartment is ready to be rented out before listing it. It was very unprofessional of the agent from Better Homes.
I would never recommend anyone to deal with this real estate broker company


The problem is industry-wide. Not long ago, Better Homes was pointed to as the gold standard, and I'm sure even with these serious claims, they are still probably better than most.
The problem I have here, is that they are probably pricing these non-existent amenities in. So we are paying exorbitant prices for sub-par, partially developed projects, and at a premium to boot.
You have to wonder what role the brokers are playing to drive rents sky-high to maximize commissions. It's painfully obvious that supply and demand has no significant role to play in determining price points. It's one hell of a racket, really.


I had rented an apartment in 2013 june and my agent was asteco. The property owner changed the agent to Better Homes. And the disaster struck. After few months of renewing the contract got a legal notice to empty the flat just because they claimed in the notice they are selling the flat. But the real reason is obvious.

Mr&Mrs B Peters

we visited better homes in march of this year and arranged for them to sell or rent our property in sports city when the key became available. after being told the key was ready for collection we have been trying to contact them by e mails letters and phone calls to no avail since june. how can such a so called professional body treat their clients with such contempt. can anybody suggest a
RELIABLE estate agent?


Over the last few months I have had the need to use real estate agents here in Dubai and like many agents here i have found Betterhomes both unprofessional and inflexible.


The Better Homes team who mange the residents apartments where do I start... Beavis and Butthead would be more effective and professional! Low paid admin staff who are not held accountable for their poor performance. They do not even put the correct phone numbers on their email signatures.

About time renters had some legal recourse to withhold payments or claim compensation for non delivery of maintenance and support services...

Unhappy with Better Homes

I rented what was advertised as a "serviced" 2 bedroom "villa" on a short term basis in Springs 10, marketed and managed by Better Homes. What a disaster! Upon arriving from overseas (in August) the air conditioner upstairs didn't work and there was black mold growing around the air ducts. The air conditioning was fixed after two days, but why wasn't this done before I arrived? After I cleaned the rest of the house it seemed liveable - until the smell of gas - yes, GAS - started coming from under the sink. After a series of visits by different maintenance people (of varying competence....) the problem still isn't fixed and my family have been eating take-out for 10 days as it isn't safe to use the cooker. All this for AED18,000 per month and an 1,800 agents fee. I have requested 10 days rent as compensation which I believe more than fair. BH marketed and manages this property and so it is their responsibility. I sincerely hope they have the courage and integrity to do right.


How do we know which Real Estate agents we can trust?

Chris ,UK


That's easy Chris . . . none of them!

Jassam Al Khafaji

I am an owner of an estate agents in KSA. If you think the UAE market is bad...come and see what goes on here. Generally speaking.....governments should put in place strict regulations on estate agents in what and how they advertise their properties. There should be control on the information (price, completion dates, finshing...etc) that is released to the public. Misleading the public is very unprofessional and unethical, and the knock on effect of misleading the public, is that the public start to genralise and say that all agents are unethical and not trustworthy. There are many honest, ethical and trustworthy agents operating in the market....but because of SOME agents misleading the public...we are all placed in the same boat. Honest agents find themselves spending much time having to prove themselves that they are honest as opposed to closing deals and making comissions the proper way. Market Regulation, Regulation and more regulation is what is required.


Please please please never forget that they are all the same, absolute unscrupulous unethical real estate agents, my consolation is that I never trusted them and never dealt with them.

Ripped off

Brian when people get ripped off it is unscrupulous. Better Homes are no better, you obviously were not involved in projects being affected by this unscrupulous marketing. It is not human error and well intended as most of them did this for a sale and nothing more. To sell off plans and promote as they and many others did is unscrupulous as they knew what they were doing and should be held accountable! You may have been one of a very few that may be satisfied with their service but there are thousands upon thousands that were ripped off! Again if this doesn't affect you, there is no claim for you to even be here. You are renting an already completed unit/house or whatever that's easy, anyone can do that, try getting BH or anyone else to rent a hole in the ground!


I don't work for or with Better Homes, but have known them for many years. Originally I rented through them, and then when I bought a flat in the Greens for investment I gave it to them to rent out and manage, as I'd always found them to be professional and reliable. There are undoubtedly bad estate agents in the UAE, but you can't tar all agents with the same brush - it's like saying 'all' bankers are dishonest, or 'all' politicians are unethical. Yes, Better Homes certainly should have checked their website better - and I'm sure they will in future! - but this wasn't unscrupulous marketing, just careless.

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