British motorist fined for Dubai road rage incident

Court hears that expat driver stopped vehicle in fast lane to berate female driver

(For illustrative purposes only)

(For illustrative purposes only)

A British motorist who slowed down to a stop in the fast lane in order to berate another motorist was convicted of endangering the life of another driver at a Dubai Court, according to a report in The National.

Dubai Court of Misdemeanours was told that on January 23 this year, Russian woman EF, 37, was driving with her five children in the fast lane on the southbound carriageway of Sheikh Zayed Road when a Ford Edge, driven by HH, a 49-year-old sales manager, swerved in front of her.

“He suddenly overtook me and when he was in front of me, he hit his brakes hard three times and I had to slow down. Then he stopped so I had to stop on the left lane on a motorway,” she said.

EF said HH got out of his car and started to yell at her.

“‘Didn’t you see my car coming behind you? Why are you driving that speed in the left hand lane?’ he asked me in very loud voice,” said EF.

EF said when she picked up her phone to call her husband, HH said she could call who she wanted as he could get out of trouble easily, after which he got into his car and drove away.

EF said she went to the police station where she passed on details about the car’s number plate.

HH was later charged with endangering EF’s life, which he denied.

“I had my speed control on 140km and when I saw her car, I flashed my lights but the car didn’t move away and when it reached a radar, the driver hit the brakes suddenly and slowed down,” he said.

“I just asked her why she slowed down so suddenly and she told me she was afraid of radars. She was a very polite and nice woman,” he added.

He did not attend the hearing to enter a plea. The court found him guilty and fined him AED2,000 ($544).

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Posted by: Jim Omas

Paying fines for majority of private car owners is not an issue as they have higher salaries than average, unless collecting is more important than the road safety to construct more malls etc..

Some other measures should be considered like increased insurance premium, confiscation of license, jails, community service, name and shame, criminal record etc.

Posted by: Max

For some reason nobody talks about the fact that it was this arrogant misfit that created an extremely dangerous situation by cutting the poor lady off and making her stop on a busy highway. With this kind of behaviour sooner or later he will face someone a bit more confident than this woman to give him an attitude adjustment lesson. Then he will enjoy riding 160 in the left lane - in an ambulance though. It is sad that he indeed got away with a 2,000 dirham fine.

Posted by: turk971

@Max, what the gentleman did was definitely wrong and it is just right that he got fined (and probably given black points). however, the lady is not innocent here at all. She doesn't know the rules and etiquette of driving which had instigated the incident. She should have been fined as well if you ask me.

Posted by: UAE

The left lane is for fast moving cars, SO MOVE!!

Posted by: turk971

It seems only a very few understood what the left lane is for and why you can speed up above the maximum speed limit when in that lane. Debates will just be endless until everyone is aware of what is the left lane for and what is the proper driving etiquette.

Posted by: Doug

It's not just the this reader - the head of Dubai traffic police has essentially said that you don't need to follow the speed limit and any car driving slower than you has to move out of the way. Otherwise it's them who are breaking the law, as opposed to the person actually speeding and therefore, breaking the law.

Posted by: Johnny Walker

Nothing gives anyone the right of driving in the fast lane. Stick to the basics... if there is someone coming up behind you move aside... its all right to give way rather than adamantly standing your ground and fueling road rage.

Posted by: Johnny Walker

Dear Sir (Chatelmaster)
Probably you didn't take time to understand half the message... and that is what the first line in my comment says exactly what you wrote in your comment. The left lane would be purely to overtake and come back to your lane...

Posted by: Wail Radi Alkowni

British in general have a record full of violations in UAE,a big prove of that ,this uk guy involved in this incident got away by paying only a fine",and they consider themselves aducated and proper" whethere you are an Arab or westerner a bide by the law.:RESPECT"

Posted by: Chatelmaster

Huxley... We do not drive with respect we drive with rules and this is the 1st respect. Everybody seems to forget them once they get the license. Drivers are busy phoning (not free hands) and texting or smoking so no hands left for driving. Speed doesn't kill it is the lack of concentration on driving which is at fault and so most of the drivers change direction or lanes without indicators and/or do not look at their mirrors, blocking or jumping lanes, etc... Following the basic rules is respect to the other drivers.
Now I doubt very much the UK is the largest population of expats when about 70% here are Asians, only 5% are Westerners and about 5% non GCC Arabs. What would be the ranking of the Indian population ?

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