Canada moves to block Qatar bid for UN body HQ

Civil Aviation Organisation has been resident in Montreal since 1946 but Doha move proposed

Canada is using all its diplomatic resources to fend off an offer by Qatar to move the headquarters of the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) from Montreal to Doha, sources have told Arabian Business.

The headquarters of the ICAO has been resident in the Canadian city of Montreal since 1946, but last week it was confirmed Qatar had offered to build the organisation a new headquarters in Doha when its 20 year lease comes up for renewal in 2016.

The move would be a diplomatic embarrassment for the Ottawa government and Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird has personally intervened to prevent the loss of the high profile UN organisation.

“Minister Baird has spoken to the Prime Minister of Qatar twice this week about the issue. Our government is working to keep ICAO in Montreal,” Joseph Lavoie, a spokesman for Baird, told Arabian Business.

“Minister Baird is personally ready, willing and keen to work with the Government of Quebec and the City of Montreal to keep ICAO in such a world-class city,” he added.

According to a report by the French-language La Presse newspaper, Qatar claimed Montreal was too far from Europe and Asia and suffered cold winters. The report also said Qatar claimed Canada made it hard for delegates to get visas and Canadian taxes were too high.

In a bid to seal the deal, Qatar is also said to have offered build new brand new headquarter for the ICAO and cover all the organisation's running costs.

Officials in Canada confirmed that Montreal had already fought off an offer from Singapore to host the headquarters and was close to signing a deal to see off the Qatari offer.

“ICAO's rightful place is in Montreal, and will make keeping ICAO in Montreal a priority,” a source close to Baird said.

“They've agreed to meet in the coming weeks to plot a strategy to highlight Montreal's advantages, and to engage business and other stakeholders.”

“Canada has a very good deal on the table. We have negotiated in good faith, and yes, ICAO Council approved the deal. In fact, the deal gave the Secretary-General the authority to sign it,” a source close to the negotiations told Arabian Business.

The Qatar offer will be considered by all of ICAO’s 191 member states at its next assembly meeting on September 24. A minimum of 60 percent of ICAO states will need to agree the proposal for the headquarters to be moved to Qatar from 2016.

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Posted by: Abdulaziz

How about we hear comments from UN officials about the the result. Making jokes of how "unfit" Qatar and how they can't just "buy" anything arguments are just hating them for trying. If they have the option to bid in any such similar thing in the future, they will. Qatar can afford it, it is a wealthy country and we need to accept this fact of life.

Posted by: Qatari

@procan, you people are pure capitalists. You only go after the dollar and almost lost your humanity by doing that. Go help your homeless citizens in your country if you think your problems are not about the money. Qatar is wealthy and stable, two things which haters like you wish their country can have. Go educate yourself and read some facts, GCI would be a good start.

Posted by: procan

Abdulaziz we don't, wealth never was and will never be a reason for acceptance among friend or nations. Qatar is rich and unstable .

Posted by: Harry

Qatar's bid to move the ICAO HQ is ridiculous & hillarious. I had been staying in Doha for the past 4 yrs & have recently moved out. I have seen the treatment Qataris give to the labourers etc morover Qatar doesnt have the required Infrastructure/Facilities reqd by UN orgn more openly its like a developing Village still 15 yrs behind Dubai (UAE).

Posted by: Tom

This country will easily be run over by Iran ,once the US military leaves , they show off with the new found gas money and the presence of US military base to protect them. Its a third world country in attitude .

Posted by: Peter

This mess is caused by super egos, negligence and mostly lack of control Qataris have over those they hire.

I would not trust or expect any reliable services from any operations based in Qatar.

Posted by: kingkaiser

It would be tremendously ironic if the UN, an entity which has arms dedicated to the equality of man, and humane treatment of others, were to headquarter itself in a country that has separate laws depending on your race. Would be true proof that money can buy anything.

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