Field Roast Vegan Grain Meats in the UAE

Posted: Monday, 13 February 2017

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Country: United Arab Emirates

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With the demand for high quality vegetarian protein on the rise, Gogoguy has partnered with Field Roast Arabia to offer vegan grain meat products in the UAE.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 11, 2016

DUBAI, UAE – Today Gogoguy is announcing that it has partnered with Field Roast Arabia to offer a range of frozen vegan burgers, sausages, roasts and deli slices. Although Field Roast products are meant for everyone, in Dubai and in the region they will be satisfying the much desired non-soy and natural protein option for vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians.

Field Roast uses only fresh, natural ingredients. The grains, vegetables, legumes and spices are carefully blended in small batches to craft a range of delicious vegan meats. Field Roast grain meats are high in protein and contain no soy.
According to Ryan Forbes, Head of Marketing at Gogoguy, “The partnership showcases the increasing interest and demand for high quality vegetarian and vegan proteins.
Vegetarianism and veganism are no longer a fad or simply a dietary choice of a few. It is spreading and becoming a way of life as people feel the positive changes in their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. “

It is not easy to find a juicy and tasty vegetarian meat product that does not have artificial flavors and questionable ingredients. A protein rich, great tasting product that is good for people, good for animals and good for the environment is very much needed in the market. “We believe Field Roast products will be well received by the consumers in UAE. The value is in the high quality nutrition of this unique range of products. Plant powered nutrition is a natural choice, that is making sense to many and is an integral driver of the real food movement. is very excited to be part of this food revolution” added Forbes.

This February, the Seattle based Field Roast Grain Meat Company celebrated 20 years of making their unique products. They have been steadily growing in popularity throughout the United States and Canada. They are now available for the consumers in the Middle East through Field Roast Arabia and Gogoguy.

About Gogoguy
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About Field Roast Arabia
Field Roast Arabia is the authorized importer of all Field Roast Grain Meat Co. products in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). Under the exclusive agreement, Field Roast Arabia will be responsible for all distribution, food service and retail markets in the region.