Abdul Rehman, Executive Director Al Waha

Posted: Monday, 17 April 2017

Tags: - Recruitment - United Arab Emirates

Country: United Arab Emirates

Industry Sector: Recruitment


Starting April 2017 Jensen Matthews will coordinate the rebranding process for the Abu Dhabi-based recruitment company AL Waha International Human Resources Consultancy.


AL Waha International Human Resources Consultancy is an unique recruitment company headquartered in Abu Dhabi but with international operations.
The core value of the recruitment agency is to provide best options both to the companies and the job-seekers covering a wide range of industries.
Al Waha has a dedicated corporate culture to fit the exact bill of any company in need of staff.
Part of the business development plan, the role of Jensen Matthews will be to lead the rebranding and positioning of the company and other businesses incorporated under the name Al Waha.
“Our mission at Jensen Matthews is to work with technical and challenging fields and markets in order to perfect our techniques and to create a real PR culture within the private sector. We have the opportunity to work with young business owners and we are thrilled to become part of the corporate development of the recruitment industry internationally” said Loredana Matei, the Executive Director of Jensen Matthews.
"Working with Jensen Mathews is truly enjoyable & valuable asset. Ms. Loredana Matei is leading the agency in a very professional way. We appreciate her work which is a huge advantage for Al Waha International Human Resources Consultancy" said Abdul Rehman Executive Director of Al Waha International Human Resources Consultancy.