Jensen Matthews: UAE is the most important hub for start-ups in the world

Wednesday, 30 Nov 2016
Description: With the occasion of the UAE National day celebrated on 2nd December 2016, Jensen Matthews salute the strategic fast growth of the UAE and the national focus on encouraging the entrepreneurial initiative.
United Arab Emirates has a strong network of free zones and a set of expat-friendly regulations leading to an increase of the new business launches in 2016. From the high-tech industries to hospitality, from fashion to media, UAE became the international hub to gather the top talents and the most innovative ideas worldwide.

Jensen Matthews launched this year and become an ambassador of the widely-known concept Ideapreneurship in the UAE. Formed by a mixed Danish – Romanian team, Jensen Matthews main purpose is to help the start-ups within the region to create their brand and to strengthen their marketing strategies.

“Living in the UAE for the past 3 years I got to experience and understand the vision of the leaders. UAE is the country of “now” and of “future”, is the country where innovation is everywhere and the most important thing UAE is a place of tolerance and shared ideas. I found the inspiration in the great achievements of this country and UAE has become the place who gave us the chance to set-up a company focused on innovation of communications and digital. We identify our vision with the great vision of the UAE leaders and we salute the National Day with the deserved respect and love” said Loredana Matei the Executive Director of Jensen Matthews.
About Jensen Matthews
Jensen Matthews is a marketing & communication agency, the first region’s agency to combine the creativity and technology in one unique concept.
Jensen Matthews helps companies and organizations accelerate their growth, profitability, reputation and market presence through digital marketing, social media, media relations, product launches, new media, corporate communications, events and promotions, messaging and media training, trade show support, and reputation management.
Jensen Matthews wants to be the creative brain behind the development of the business environment of Dubai. To get to know more about company visit the website .