The PR power of the Ramadan

Saturday, 03 Jun 2017
Category: Communications
Countries: United Arab Emirates
Description: Who said Ramadan is a time when nothing really happens? There is a common idea of Ramadan being the time of reflection, blessings, giving, connecting but …not really working.
The majority of the businesses keep a low profile during Ramada, by shifting the focus from the outside operation to the inside operation. There is no better time that this to analyze how your business is doing, what you have to change, which strategies need some new power or how you can come up with a great new idea to boost your business.

Also, Ramadan is a great time for storytelling. During the year, businesses are usually focused on delivering results, profit, acquiring new markets and winning more market share. During Ramadan is the time to move the game from numbers to human touch.

Use the vibe of the holy month to communicate the human face of your business, the social values you believe in and reveal the kindness behind the numbers. There is no better time to story tells your CSR initiatives, your social impact, to create a social campaign of giving, to give free advice to those who need the most. The list of good deeds is endless. Behind the giving theme of the holy month is also a powerful PR tool. Showing your target audience, the human side of your business might be a long-term success: from partnerships to new business partners to new talent acquisition and an increase of your B2B/B2C connections on a long run.

Join us this Ramadan and we will help you spread your brand message! Ramadan is the time when storytelling happens!

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Name: Loredana Matei
Job title: Executive Director
Contact Number: +971527222833
Additional Information: Jensen Matthews is a creative public relations agency that helps companies and organizations accelerate their growth, profitability, reputation and market presence through Public relations, social media, media relations, product launches, new media, corporate communications, events and promotions, and reputation management. Jensen Matthews provide ideapreneurship as an innovative creative concept to a variety of industries worldwide with a tailor-made solution for every business. We don’t create B2C or B2B connections through public relations practices. We create Human 2 Human relations and we translate the messages of the brands into the language of meaningful care towards the final customer’s well-being in all aspects of life. This approach and concept make us, Jensen Matthews, and our clients to be relatable and approachable towards the final and most important ring of creative chain: the human, the end consumer, the emotion, the experience, the loyalty to the brand. Our story starts in 2016 from a concept mixed with a feeling that we can make a difference in the market. We provide PR & Marcom services to the following industries: Tech & Start-Ups Construction Architecture & Interior design Arts & Design Retail, FMCG & Hospitality Solar Energy & Oil Aviation & Marine Transportation Safety Training & Recruitment Education & Healthcare Banking & Finance Environment