Couple sues over Muslim pray call "noise"

German court dismisses holidaymakers' compensation claim, ruling Adhan is akin to ringing of church bells

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A German couple has failed in their attempt to sue a travel agent after they claimed their holiday to Turkey was ruined by the Muslim call to pray.

The man and woman, who have not been publicly named, demanded half of the £1,900 ($3,192) they spent on an all-inclusive trip to the five-star Angora Beach Resort Hotel, claiming the holiday was ruined by the “noise” of the Adhan at a nearby mosque five times a day because they were unable to relax, according to newspaper The Local.

They also complained that an armrest was missing from a chair during their flight to Turkey and they endured a bumpy landing on the return leg.

They filed the complaint against a travel agent in Hanover but a court last week dismissed the case, finding the travel agent, which has not been named, was not at fault.

The judge said the couple should have expected to be exposed to the sounds of the call to prayer because the hotel was located in the centre of town and it was a Muslim country.

He said it was akin to the ringing of church bells in Germany.

“The complainants should have taken this authentic sound into account while booking for the resort,” the court said.

“The call to prayer is customary in Turkey and is comparable with church bells in a Christian country.

“This does not constitute a deficiency of service.”

The court also ruled that the bumpy landing was due to the weather, something that was beyond the control of the travel agent.

“Since any landing is dependent on the weather conditions, over which the air carrier has no influence, flight passengers have to expect to deal with isolated cases of rough touch downs,’ the court said.

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Posted by: Bob

and Arabian Business makes this silly story news worthy, more so to stir propaganda!
I agree that the couple were stupid and had the time and money to pursue this

Posted by: AlexT1

ENOUGH! It is not a religious issue. A per of nampties found something to complain, that's it.

Posted by: Non-Muslim

@ AlexT1
You are absolutely right! This case has NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING to do with any religion, or foreign culture, or foreign country.
It is the simple result of people using irresponsible laws and rules in the EZU that give them the right to lodge claims for nothing. Unfortunately, there are judges in the EU (this one is an honourable exception!) who fail to realise that such claims are nothing else but a "culture" to get back what you paid for what was a delightful and relaxing vacation. These people are searching by purpose for "deficiencies" that are otherwise regarded as normal in the country where they spend their vacation. There are thousands of examples for such claim cases, all over the EU, but especially in Germany, and somtimes with court ruling that one could classify as "irresponsible".

Posted by: Hindu

I am an Hindu, You need to respect the laws of the land and should have considered this aspect before you choose your destination.
A very good judgement.

Posted by: Rajeev

How immature and intolerant people becomes sometimes.......Its only a cheap publicity stunt...Shame on them

Posted by: Ahmad B.

I am a Muslim and I was on a vacation to Austria and in the middle of downtown Vienna, my hotel was next to an old church. The ringing bells were 'On' and it did not bother me nor my family. I performed my prayers peacefully and enjoyed listening to the ringings. In fact, the surrounding was made beautiful with the rings.
People need to have an open mind toward each other.

Posted by: MetalHead

Well said, Ahmad!

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