Damaged internet cable to be repaired by April 20 - du

Dubai telco says repair ship expected to reach cable damage site on Saturday.

A telecommunications cable linking Europe and Egypt, which suffered an “unexpected breakdown” resulting in diminished internet traffic in the UAE, should be repaired by next Tuesday, du said on Friday.

The Dubai-based telecom operator, whose customers have been unaffected by the cable problem, said in a statement that the repair ship responsible for restoring operation was expected to reach the site of the cable cut on Saturday.

"The estimated time to restore the cut is approximately three days, therefore the segment of the cable affected by the cut is expected to be back in service by April 20, subject to weather, sea and cable conditions," du added.

du announced earlier that there has been no impact to du’s Internet and international voice services.

All international voice and data traffic was automatically shifted to du’s alternative international routes immediately after the cable cut.

The telecommunications cable problem hit the internet traffic of Etisalat customers in the UAE, Etisalat confirmed in a statement on Thursday.

Etisalat said it was working with “the administration, partners and concerned operators for urgent repair works and re-routing traffic to ensure earliest possible restoration of the cables and Internet service.”

The state-owned operator added that it had already taken “immediate corrective steps” to reduce the impact on business customers.

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Posted by: Robok

It appears Bahrain was also hit by this, I've ran a few tests to find the source of the problem, and it would appear that: -We're being routed through Singapore, Japan, US and then to the rest of the world, which means a simple access to a server in Europe for example would take at least 400ms. -There's a lot of packet loss on the way, could be because of the large unexpected traffic or just certain servers being, well, shit. -This affects the entire Middle-East, not just Dubai. So even if your ISP sucks, it's practically out of their hands. Theoretically, this is just another route to access the Internet from, but it appears this route is really not suitable for the entire middle-east. And what's up with Egypt? This is the 4th time on row happening each year, this is seriously not cool.

Posted by: Gamer in Dubai

I was assuming the reason why I have had 3.5k lag on Warcraft for the last week or so was due to this cable fault and as such have no complained thus far. However if Du are claiming their services are unaffected by the fault then it must just be that their service sucks? I suggest they own up to it if they are experiencing problems, otherwise expect a large number of customer complaints. Starting with mine first thing tomorrow morning.

Posted by: Terry

Download speeds have been definitely hit on my Du internet account. Streaming video quality is poor to say the least. Du tells lies when it says there has been no degradation. Stop lying and start fixing and then start improving. This duopoly is so bad for the UAE favouringnobody but a select few.

Posted by: UAE Dubai

Just like other arab related reports this is far from accurate. - Download speeds have been badly capped. i get 100 KB/s on a 4mb connection rather than 400sh KB/s. - 25-50% packet loss - Gaming is dis functional. few of the things i have personally experienced and tested i blame the people who report those lies to our press and i blame the press for not testing how reliable those reports are without testing/asking around. shouldnt be that hard to get the true answers from the public (ex: visit an internet cafe)


I thank everyone for their feedback and admit my ignorance on satellites.

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