Door said to open on Emirates A380 at 27,000ft

Dubai airline downplays drama on flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong; says no safety risk

(Getty Images - for illustrative purposes only)

(Getty Images - for illustrative purposes only)

A British tourist has claimed that an emergency exit door on an Emirates Airline A380 aircraft blew open at 27,000ft.

David Reid said in comments published by the UK's Mail newspaper that there was a "massive explosion" two hours into the flight.

Reid, travelling with his son Lewis, said freezing air rushed into the cabin after the door in business class came an inch and a half ajar.

The newspaper reported that the drama happened on Monday as the two Britons flew from Bangkok to Hong Kong.

An Emirates spokesman told the paper: "We can confirm there was a whistling noise emanating from one of the doors on the A380 upper deck on flight EK384 between Bangkok and Hong Kong on Monday, February 11. At no point was the safety of the flight in jeopardy."

But Reid said: "We were about two hours in when suddenly there was a huge blast. It was a real shock, so loud that I thought a bomb might have gone off. Air was gushing into the cabin like a gale.

"It was complete panic. The emergency door was ajar and leaving a gaping hole. You could see straight out into the atmosphere, 27,000ft up."

Reid, who has a private pilot’s licence, said cabin crew started grabbing blankets and pillows which they stuck together with duct tape to fill the gap.

"The conditions were terrible for the rest of the flight. The door continued to make a horrendously loud droning sound which made it impossible to speak to each other. Worst of all, it was absolutely freezing."

The paper added that the incident was reported to the Department of Transport’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch who have passed it on to air investigators at the UAE General Authority for Civil Aviation.

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Posted by: Techman

Just a seal issue, common on all aircraft doors, ice build, up change in pressure, etc... can effect the door seal - no risk to cabin pressure - just noise. A380 door has locks to protect, door has to raise before movement - will never happen - sounds like a passenger after compo - off work due to chest infection caused by the explosive door......more alchol please steward..hic

Posted by: vanderplas

Customer isn't always right, certainly not when you call a whistle a "massive explosion"

What you don't have to do these days to get yourself noticed.

Let's brew some more conspiracy theories than

Posted by: Geko

Can be an exaggerated story?.. But, are they familiar with the usage of blankets and pillows in that same A6-EDT ?!?(cos, the flight returned without any delay as well, one other posts supports the above). Then it is something serious, someone on the ground takes a calculated risk on 500+ passengers.

Posted by: Robert

A few points:

- the green light next to the door as highlighted in article (Daily Mail) is NOT door open/close indicator, it is call bell/PA indicator.

- the flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong is around 2:30, since it's already 2 hours into the flight, it's best to land in Hong Kong since it takes 20-30 to descend.

- how can the crew hide behind the jump seat when the jump seat is right in front of the door?

- if there is loss of cabin pressure, the oxygen masks would have been automaticall deployed

- why do we not hear this from any other passengers?

Posted by: Saudi Engineer

A lot of assumptions and speculation in the comments. I can't honestly say that I've read the original article in the daily mail, but the comments are just ridiculous. Seems like two ends arguing over something silly while making up "facts" (something like the political battles between republicans and democrats in the US). There are certainly not enough facts in the AB article to make any kind of judgment, but the logical assumption is this will have to be investigated. If not by Emirates, then by the HK aviation authorities. I can't seem to believe a gov't authority would just let this pass if it were something serious...

Posted by: Sam from Canada

How true this incident is, God alone knows. What I know however is that Emirates (quite shockingly) has NO "complaints" form one can find on their website.

How does this connect with this incident? Well, till Emirates comes clean and says what actually happened, millions of us will have no choice but to believe Mr David Reid, cos we have no reason NOT to believe him (remember, not everyone is familiar with the technicalities to be able to shoot holes in this story - assuming there are any to be shot).

Well, I reckon when a company is as large as Emirates, they can become a bit "above the clouds"and believe that there is no need to provide a fair equitable and efficient Customer Services Dept to handle complaint and queries. I surely have not seen any yet. What I have seen is passengers letting off their frustration at several Blogs online, and this really is not in Emirate's long term interests.

If there is an issue - confront it, and solve it. Ignoring is NOT s good solution.

Posted by: DubaiExpat

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