Driving licence age limit should be raised to 21 - official

Head of Dubai Traffic Prosecution calls for action to curb young deaths on roads.

The head of Dubai Traffic Prosecution has called for the minimum age to obtain a driving licence to be raised amid a "disproportionate" number of fatal crashes involving young Emiratis.

Salah Bu Farousha called for the minimum age to be raised from 18 to 21 after raising concerns about the high number of young drivers who have died in accidents this year, Dubai daily 7Days reported on Wednesday.

He said that 10 out of the 120 motorists who have so far died on the country’s roads in 2009 were young Emiratis.

“This is a worrying figure and is a big percentage compared to the demographic map of Dubai, which is made up of more than 180 nationalities,” he told the paper.

“Raising the age to 21 is necessary because the motorist would be more mature. Teenagers can use public transport until they can be trusted to get behind the wheel.”

He also called for better driving education and awareness campaigns at colleges.

“Some young men are crazy and modify their cars and engines and then race them,” Farousha said.

A recent report released by the World Health Organisation has shown that the UAE's roads were among the most dangerous countries in the world.

Last year 1,071 people died on the UAE’s road and 12,273 were injured, the report said.

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Posted by: arun sivadasan suresh babu

i notice most accident are caused lack of patience.most accident are caused because of over speed ,line change with out indication.sudden braking without any reason.tail gating.my suggestion is to drive safe reach safe and keep others also safe.

Posted by: zaki

there wouldn't be any different,its not how they are its how they brought up,and if its being change its just inappropriate to the country policy through the population.if there's the words that uncomfortable with please ignore.

Posted by: Tyler

ok, this is NOT anything newsworthy and certainly nothing prolific because anyone that lives in the UAE realize that UAE Nationals, more than any other nationality are the worst offenders for bad driving habits. I drive from AD to Dubai each day and see the same offenders.....some countries just don't have the proper training or parent's influence on safety but I see very young children hanging out of back windows sans seatbelt and hardly anyone driving without a seatbelt. I don't want to generalize and I am sure there are a fair amount that drive safely and other nationalities that drive insanely and unsafely but if you see some of these videos where people drive recklessly (driving with their knees, even the police or with kids on their laps in the front seat) without a seatbelt and get thrown out of their cars at high speeds and crushed while laying on the highway or street by oncoming cars, you would think twice. The young guys get this from the parents and then it is further conditioned by their friend's need to show off for each other. Mom and Dad's money will buy you a maserati or range rover but it won't buy you a second shot at life. Why is reckless, dangerous or irresponsible driving so important to anyone? You love your children....why not teach them life saving simple routines in their cars?

Posted by: abdula

In Canada, America and many other countries you can drive at the age of 16. Some people drive fast and crazy, some people drive good its all about how good the person is well behaved and there should be some rules if someone gets his license. A rule should be made for example, someone got his license at 18 rule is no tuned cars, fast cars, super cars until the age of 22-25 that should be a rule. Its all about how the parents raised their children so if the children are still being spoon fed, there is a rule that they cannot break and they can do nothing about it.

Posted by: Ismail Mattar

Not all of them, but many youngesters have a fantasy to achieve what is seen on Tv, movies etc.. I belive till the age of 21 a person's thinking is enough matured to be in real.

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