Dubai back of cab sex duo see jail terms cut

Hamdi Hiyari

Guys, I was following this case since the start and remember christal clear that the police man upon checking the car found the couple fully naked and also he called his boss who also confirmed the same.
Do not tell me that you need to be fully naked to eat a sandwich? No? They could have patience untill reaching their place, if you do not agree that this act was a community disgust then there must be something wrong.


Dear Lina, The cases that go to court more of then not - and there will always be exceptions that prove the rule - are usually after sufficient provocation. Cab drivers are not illiterate and probably more broad minded than regular office staff. I guess it this kind of view that "in dubai holding hands can get you arrested for sexual activity" that hurts the extrnal perception of Dubai more than all the crime that actually happens in the city.

By Dubai Resident who has been holding hands for 20 years and not arrested once!


@Sam, You are going into a slippery zone here. Yes it is true some people have been holding hands for 20 years. And actually I know some guys who have been drinking like cossacks and driving after for maybe 10 years. And many other examples of questionable behavior and not even once had a problem
But the fact is that a number of activities many expats perform almost daily are either illegal or in a gray zone. Together with a "peculiar" approach to law enforcement and a "different" legal system is enough to make me nervous as I am personally more of a risk avers; many people on the other hand do not see any issue

Pretty woman

So no Sex but still jailed for the example? If the cab driver lied why he is not named and jailed for what he started? the cost of all justice system and the names of these people in all the press?
This cab driver should be fired by his company as he brings distrust on all Taxis in Dubai. What about having an argument with the Taxi driver that tries to cheat you, is aggressive or smell bad. will he also call the police and put you in Jail?
If simple things like taking a Taxi becomes a danger in Dubai, Tourists will avoid the place.

Fairness in the press

Why is it when an expat is charged in a case, the article names and shames the accused. But when a GCC national is accused (such as the recent case of a passenger on Qatar Airways flight) the identity and often even the nationality is protected?


Toronto Cabs have cameras in all of them all Buses have Cameras and HD Video on board surly Dubai could afford this tech,just a idea eh! works here.


The danger lies in the interpretration of "Foul" or "sexual" activity.. Medical records have proven they have not have sex so what was it then? a hug? a kiss? this is where the problem lies..In Dubai, most cab drivers have an extreme view of how Islam must be applies and the interpretration of what's "Haram" can cause a threat to expats if they are not extra careful.. sometimes it's better to avoid holding hands.. cause that too can be labelled as "sexual activity" and lands you in jail..

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