Dubai confirms Salik charges plan for taxis

Roads and Transport Authority says new charges aim to push more commuters to Dubai Metro


Now, these comments are indeed fine examples of bigoted mindset. Wonder how people managed to latch on to Kerala and take pleasure in bludgeoning it's credentials while the topic of discussion was all about toll. Says a lot about the swamp water infested thinking pattern rather than the objective facts. By the way, I am not from Kerala? just amused by the dynamics of the human mind.


Dear all, I was merely putting the record straight on my 'untraveled character'.
The main crux was that a reader commented on the standard of driving, and that was my answer. Having lived here for approx 20 years, I do fully understand and experience this every day.
However out of all the comments, and again somebody assumes that I have NOT been to Kerala, nobody did answer the question on how many multi-lane highways there are in Kerala?
But never mind, we must return to the subject of the SALIK 'highway robbery'.
So I will make another 'sweeping' statement - Dubai needs the money - full stop, that's all it's down to.


tax free country earning "The cash raised has since become a key source of income for the RTA, which expects revenues from the toll to reach AED5bn by 2013".


Fair enough if they use the revenue to train taxi drivers how to drive... I don't know how they select their drivers, but I've only seen worse driving in third world countries that have no roads at all.


@ Steven, yes Rahim yar Khan, Karachi and Lahore are fine examples of cities with excellent multi-road carriage ways, which can't even be compared to dirt laden back roads of swamp water infested kerala, which for some strange reason attacts tourists in the thousands!!!


Steven, regardless of the travel data base, you still seem to be making a sweeping statements about a place you haven't been to. And you are asking the person to confirm if your assumptions are true!. The moment I read your first post, it sounded off the mark and out of context. Your second post reeks of over confidence while making an attempt to state facts. I wonder how one gets to single out a specific entity while discussing the article on toll. I thought travel broadens one?s mind... maybe it needs more than just the physical travel.


Dear Paratha, I think it is you who is making sweeping statements. To accuse me of being 'untraveled is nothing short of ludicrous. Last week I was in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Boaxing and Yonfu. Before that I was in Lahore, Rahim Yar Khan and Karachi and in the middle of November I was in Mahe. Have you even heard of half of these places? Let alone traveled (or DRIVEN) in any of them!
So returning to my statement, oh wise one, how many Multi-Lane highways do you have in Kerala. that is what I said and you did not answer! I rest my case.


Sorry Steven, but I think it's bigoted and untraveled people like yourself who have your 'brains in neutral'. Go visit a place before you pass judgement on it's roads, and stop making impolite sweeping generalizations about any community / country.


The majority of Indians here are from Kerala and I believe, and I am sure they will correct me if I am wrong, but there is not even a Dual Carriageway hardly in that state, let alone Multi-lane Highways, which is why they sit in the third lane on SZR with their 'brains in neutral' thinking they are safe there and not 'bothering' anyone!!!!


Salik should only apply to UAE residents as it is they who use the roads! Taxis are there to reduce congestion. Why are people penalised for using Taxis? We have red routes in our Cities in the UK where taxis have priority including our bus lanes! Majority of users on Dubai taxis are tourists hence this does not make sense!


@MonkeyTennis yes, but then you should consider the capillarity of public transportation in London.
Also the fact that licenced taxis in London are clean and don't stink and the driver knows how to drive and is not interested in wasting your time.
And you should also consider that female passengers in Dubai actually need to deal the drivers, specially non westerners.

So, while taxis in Dubai are certainly cheaper (I would say 25% of the cost in London), in terms of overall public transportation Dubai does not fare better than London and no, I would not consider London a shining example either.

Monkey Tennis

You really are having a laugh aren't you? You could triple the Salik charge, double the existing fare and throw in a healthy tip for the driver and a Dubai taxi would still be cheaper than one in London and at least in Dubai you don't have to listen to the inane rantings of the driver.


Dubai is in short of money again!!


Yahoo, more money for the RTA... I would not mind taking the metro but it is sooooo sloooow.... By the way, where to put all those people in the Metro?? Inside it is jampacked during hours that everybody has to travel to/from work !!
Metro, you can not handle rush hours and your customers often have to skip a train. Why are they not longer, why are there not double decker metro's
And dear fully automatic metro, when do you start riding on Friday morning ?? Not everybody stays at home until 2 pm. The weekend is too short, especially if you only have one day weekend.
Good luck...


I don't live in Dubai but I do visit there a lot and in different times of the year and I have never ever saw Sheikh Zayed road congested !!! RTA should stop using the "ease the traffic" execuse and start naming things for what they are "make more money"


Decreasing traffic in one area will only result in congestion in other areas which are already congested because more people are going to reroute to avoid salik toll gates.

Abdul hafeez Sheikh

This may affect the tourism industry as tourists are cost conscious


If RTA really wants to push more users to the Metro then they need to run a service 24 hours per day and seven days per week.

In off peak periods all they have to do is have half hourly services so that they run a cost effective operation, if need be they can run hourly services.


Look at the construction cost of miles of 6 track highways everywhere, regular roads, bridges, Metro infrastructure and operation spent on our convenient driving, dont we feel guilty of blaming the service provider for everything? Can they cover the above costs by Metro tickets, salik and fines alone.... If they can, how many decades?

LETS PAY and support RTA, so that they can build more bridges and roads for our convenience... After all, RTA is not Nakheel demanding service charge for pool without water and beach without beach club...

Again, I am not related to RTA or Govt anyway other than just a driveway user.

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