Dubai drink driver given one-month jail for killing triathlete

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A Dubai motorist who fatally injured former Arab triathlon champion Roy Nasr while driving under the influence of alcohol has been sentenced to one month in prison and ordered to pay AED200,000 ($54,451) in blood money to the victim's family.

The accident occurred on the morning of September 6 when the 24-year old Philippines national swerved into a group of three cyclists, including Nasr, near Dubai’s Safa Park. Fifty-year old Nasr died, while his fellow cyclists sustained serious injuries.

The motorist, who also had his driving licence seized for three months by the Dubai Traffic Misdemeanour Court, was charged with drinking alcohol and driving under the influence when the incident occurred.

“I am sorry for what happened,” WJ said in court.

Lebanese national Nasr won third place in the ITU World Championship in Beijing in 2011. Hundreds of tribute messages had been posted on the Facebook page of the TriDubai club he co-founded.

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Posted by: who you fooling

Where is everybody getting the rumour that its was a G Wagon that hit him from?

Posted by: Canuck

The person in their upmarket Mercedes has WASTA and the filipino community should be outraged that they have become scapegoats
Can't wait to find out who the real killer is.

Posted by: Runner

According to AB, UAE shepherd jailed for six months over bed sheet theft !! and someone gets 1 month for killing !!!

Posted by: Ed B

I do not know the precise circumstances under which this accident happened, but at first conclusion the punishment seems low. But I do not at all put any value on it that he was so labeled "drunk". In this country if you even take a sip, and they find any trace of alcohol in your blood, you are called already a drunk. So, it could well be that the driver was not entirely at fault here, or maybe it was really an accident, hence the reduced sentence. I can understand the emotions of some, but think about it, there could be many good reason for the low sentence.

Posted by: howard johnson

Since when did drunk Fillipinos start driving a Mercedes G class Wagon AMG edition worth over AED 500,000

Posted by: n4m0

Curious: Would it be more or less realistic if it was an Indian who owns that 500,000 AED car? Is that common or almost non-existent?

Posted by: Mick

Also, they would name him in an article if he were a real person. His rights to anonymity would be nullified. They would also mention deportation.
1) Drunk Driving (over a year jail time + least suspended license for an extremely long time, if not forever in UAE or GCC)
2) Drunk Driving resulting in death (forget it, its over....that's much more than just "manslaughter"). That would be years and years in prison, blood money, license burned into ashes, deportation after very long jail time.
Good point about the Merc too. Tones of racism but I get your point.
This is weird that this guy is getting off pretty easy. Something isn't right with this story. Something stinks here. It's not the fish and rice either.

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