Dubai expat to be deported after 40 years over TB scars

61-year-old Indian is currently in quarantine and is set to be deported - report

Chest x-ray of a patient suffering from tuberculosis, which commonly affects the lungs. (Photo for illustrative purposes only)

Chest x-ray of a patient suffering from tuberculosis, which commonly affects the lungs. (Photo for illustrative purposes only)

A 61-year-old Indian expat, who has lived in Dubai for more than 40 years, has been detained in quarantine and is set to be deported after he failed a tuberculosis (TB) test while applying for a new residency visa, it was reported.

“I have been living here since 1970 and all my life I’ve been working legally with a valid residency visa and I have been for a medical check-up for visa requirements many times,” Akbar Ali, who is being held in quarantine at Al Muhaisnah medical centre, told the Gulf News daily newspaper.

Ali, whose son and daughter were born in Dubai, cancelled his work visa when the cargo company he worked for closed and travelled to India with his family for a five days. He returned to Dubai and applied for an investor visa as he planned to set up his own company.

As part of the visa application he was given an X-ray test. Doctors said they suspected he may have old TB scars but he was still issued with a medical fitness certificate.

Three days later, he was told to return to Al Muhaisnah medical centre where he was given a TB examination by doctors. He was subsequently detained by security guards, taken into quarantine and is currently awaiting deportation.

“The doctors said that I have old scars on my lungs and that they suspect I had TB when I was born... I went for several medical check-ups and I’m fit and healthy... I do not know what to do and what will happen to me. I have lived here most of my life,” he was quoted as saying by Gulf News.

A medical spokesperson at the clinic confirmed the Indian expat is suspected of having TB scars and he will stay in quarantine until he is deported.

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Posted by: Asim Rafique

My visa was cancelled due to old TB scar in my chest and came back home after giving 3rd medical test at Muhaisnah. They didn't deport me and told to come back after treatment. I never had TB and the doctors in my country declared me fit. Now I am coming again with no TB and no infection but I've heard that the scars remains throughout the life if they are present in lungs and can't be removed even by surgery. So please tell me that what can I do if I don't have TB but only scars because they don't give visa to newcomers if have no TB but only scars that are minor and not visible in Xray if done in my country but Dubai has sensitive machines and they detect everything. I am too much disgusted..Is there anything to do under the table? OR I can get my visa through proper way. Please do let me know and reply me at

Posted by: Mohsin Abbasi

I want to get some information regarding medical test in Dubai as I went there a few months ago on visit and got a job then transfered my visa to employment but when I underwent the medical test, they found scars in my chest and I couldn't clear my medical unless my sputum and blood tests was ok and no symptoms of TB was found, so they sent me back (home) and told to inform after treatment. Now I am fit and ready to go there back but they say that there is some issue in immigration, when they will remove you from list, you can come back. Let me know something about this as you may know better being there national.
And please tell me that should I try for another visa or better to contact the previous company. Will they solve my problem?

Posted by: Billy

Does he have TB now? yes or no? If yes then the law says he has to go. If no then give him his visa and let him carry on being a useful contributor to the Dubai economy. As far as I am aware old scars from previous TB infection which has been cleared up and is no longer a threat to anyone are not illegal.

Posted by: Expat

What if the guy has debts in Dubai? Who becomes responsible to repay them?

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