Dubai Mall named most visited lifestyle destination on earth

Shopping mall sees 80 million visitors in 2014, more than double Times Square in New York

Emaar's Dubai Mall has retained its title as the world’s most-visited lifestyle destination, welcoming over 80 million visitors in 2014, according to new figures.

The visitor numbers recorded in the mall were higher than footfall figures provided in 2014 by Business Insider with Times Square, New York City at 39.2 million; Niagara Falls at 22.5 million; Central Park New York at 37.5 million; Union Station, Washington DC at 32.85 million; Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom Orlando at 17.5 million and Eiffel Tower in Paris at 7 million, among others.

Mohamad Alabbar, chairman of Emaar Malls, said: “This is another historic milestone for Dubai, with a record 80 million visitors to The Dubai Mall in 2014.

"No other global tourist destination or even airports, which traditionally have the highest footfall, have achieved the significant visitor arrivals The Dubai Mall recorded.

“With wholesale and retail accounting for nearly 30 percent of Dubai’s real GDP, The Dubai Mall continues to make a sterling contribution to our city’s diversified economic growth.”

The contribution of The Dubai Mall to the city’s retail sector is estimated to account for about 5 percent of Dubai’s GDP.

Tenant sales recorded across the mall’s 1,200 plus retail stores and 200 F&B outlets at the mall, cumulatively grew by 14 percent in 2014, with growth seen across categories including fashion, luxury jewellery, footwear, sports and recreation, health and beauty, entertainment and food.

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Posted by: Dean Jones

As the Emergency Response Manager for TDM, I cam confirm those figures are correct, every time a person passes through an entry door at the mall they are recorded digitally by one of the most sophisticated systems available! 100, 000 per day i wish! On peak days Thu/Fri/Sat we can average 300, 000+ as the norm. During Eid last year I observed just short 1000,000 people visits in just 2 days! Let's not forget the 1000, 000 people that attended the NYE celebration. Its a mammoth task for the EMAAR Management team and especially the Fire Safety/Security departments to manage such numbers. We want to make the visitors experience a positive and more importantly a SAFE experience!

Posted by: EdJ

Dean you have just answered your own statement. Every time a person passes through an entry door there is a digital record. So that means every member of staff working in the mall will be counted, plus anyone who goes outside for a cigarette. Of the 300,000-plus people you claim (bear in mind this is 15-20 per cent of the Dubai population!!) how many would be staff or simply multiple entries. How many people popping outside to see the Burj and then coming back in again? How many people going to souk al-bahar and then walking back in? Think about it another way. If you have 80 million visits and the average visitor spent $100 annually in the mall (by no means impossible given the high average GDP per capita) the mall would have generated at least $8bn in sales. Now imagine they spent $500 (AED1,850) in the year at the mall, the total revenues would account for $40bn!!! This is greater than the total global annual revenues of all the retail outlets in the mall! As I said, nonsense....

Posted by: EdJ

This is clearly nonsense. 80 million is more than the number of visitors to France (the world's most popular tourist country) last year! If Dubai attracted 11 million foreign tourists in 2013 this means 69 million residents visited the mall last year. The total estimated population of the UAE is 10 million so that would mean every man, woman and child (including labourers, N. emirates and W. region residents) would have to visit it every 5 weeks. To put it another way, an average of 220,000 people would have to visit the mall daily.
If the mall is open 14 hours a day, that's equivalent to 15,000 people an hour, but given that most people come in the evenings or weekends, the mall would have to have 100,000 people in it at peak periods! Similarly, if Dubai's GDP is $100bn, the mall accounts for 5% or $5bn. From a sales perspective 80m people would have to spend a grand total of $62 a year each in the mall to generate the same in sales revenue - less than the average weekly food shop....

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