Dubai Marina residents reveal plan to reverse Emaar dog ban

New proposals include fines for irresponsible dog owners and setting up of committee in bid to end dispute

(AFP/Getty Images)

(AFP/Getty Images)

Dubai Marina residents who are fighting to overturn Emaar's ban on dogs using the promenade area of the residential area have come up with plans to end the dispute.

More than 90 residents have devised a proposal that includes issuing fines to irresponsible dog owners and the setting up of a Dubai Marina Pets Committee in a bid to allow dogs to co-exist.

Last month, the residents delivered a petition of more than 1,300 signatures to Emaar's headquarters calling on the master developer to reverse its ban on dogs using the promenade area of the marina development.

On July 13 Emaar erected signs forbidding dogs from accessing the Dubai Marina Promenade, which has prompted a backlash from dog owners living in the area.

Emaar previously said that the decision to ban dogs from the area was taken for hygienic reasons.

The new proposal, which has been sent to Emaar management, also calls for a meeting between the two side to agree a road map.

It recommends that fines of up to AED1,500 for solid waste and AED750 for not rinsing liquid waste or letting dogs off leashes in a bid to crack down on irresponsible dog owners.

It also proposes developing a census for dogs, with special collars being issued for dogs to allow them access to the promenade.

Residents are also planning to raise funds via a monthly tax per dog to fund initiatives such as “sweeper washer cleaners”, dog bags dispensers and bins.

Campaigners are also keen to develop small “green islands” between main developments (eg Promenade & Al Sahab) which can be used by dogs to relieve themselves and “dog lanes” and a “dog park”.

A spokesperson said: "In order to find the right balance between a pristine public space and a vibrant community where dogs are key, we suggest an approach based on accountability, education, quality and governance.

"In summary, we propose a solution that meets everyone needs: Dogs can maintain their basic rights of having access to public space, dog owners can enjoy time with their pets the public space, investors keep intact their property value, and ECM maintains their public space without raising their operating costs."

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Posted by: ahmed

can we ask for a similar fining system for dog poo not picked up by the pet owner in discovery gardens as well. its getting to be so blatant these days....walk your pet, get its job done and walk away!!! its as simple as that for some of the pet owners. believe me, I am a true dog lover, but what these people are doing to the community is just not on!

Posted by: Emma

Emaar has to keep firm on this decision since the request is the result of a minority. Emaar cannot put a guard behind each pet owner.We do not want to have pets on those areas. If Emaar accepts, the next move from this minority would be to allow pets in Malls, metro, tram, bus, EK, swimming pools,
If you love your pets, move to a villa with a large garden. This will be beneficial for the pets and also for you as you will have extra activity on week-ends by cleaning the garden.
People bringing the comparison between pets and human people, especially noisy kids, have a serious psychological problem.
Emaar is acting with responsibility as they are considering the interest of the majority of the community. The majority of the community is totally supporting Emaar decision.

Posted by: Karl G.

Emaa, how do you actually know that the majority of the community supports a ban on dogs? That is totally uninformed. I'm a dog owner and I've seen so many people without dogs that they just love them to see them around...

You talk about knowing what the majority knows, without any kind of data, you are simply speculating out here... If the majority supports the ban, they should be mobilizing to keep it...

If you live in place where since inception dogs have been allowed (as the Marina), and you dont like dogs, you should move into a villa, and hang out in your garden, understanding that people who bought property since 8 years ago in the Marina and have dogs do not need to move out, that is plainly obtuse thinking...

Posted by: ELLIS

Its simply wrong that dogs and humans cannot coexist, Having to change location is completely drastic. If irresponsible owners cleaned up after themselves there wouldn't be an issue. Therefore I think they should give a fine for anyone caught leaving the doggy mess and not cleaning it up or letting their dog off a lead. Keep it simply solves all problems. No need for drastic measures on both sides.

Posted by: Emma

@ John,
Please refrain from writing anything if you have no argument at all to oppose to our discussion. Silence is sometimes seen as a proof of intelligence.

Please stop being selfish, for the interest of pets, living in a villa is the most appropriate.

Posted by: Karl G.

This ban is just nonsense, and shows how bad manged is Emaar Community Management, doing this overnight, during Ramadan, and during summer holidays, to avoid being on the exposure...Unlucky for them it has back fired big time, it has generated so media coverage that is difficult to avoid now.

Either you like or not dogs is not the argument, I dont like Shisha, is unhealthy, dirty and messy but still is is all over the place, there is people that do not like bikes, they are over the place, I dont like gyms doing fitness masterclasses outside, still they are over the place, I dont like kids screaming and running without control and with little parent supervision (meanwhile their parents are having coffee in Baker Spice) still are all over the place...The argument is about learn how to live in a community, ALL!

I bought an apartment in Marina because "was" dog friendly, so I will never agree that an unilateral decision will impact the value of my property nor to move away.

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