Dubai motorists can sometimes be the worst people in the world

It is the responsibility of each of us to lift standards.


"But we cannot police our fellow UAE residents."

The only meaningful sentence in the whole article. You could've just put it into a tweet, then signed up for a yoga class instead of releasing anger and frustration into mass media.


"But we cannot police certain UAE residents."
I changed that for you.


I believe a very basic graph shown to EACH driver in Dubai with a mandatory understanding will open the eyes of all those driving like maniacs around the UAE and putting life at risk including their own one.
There is 2 parameters to stop a car: 1/ The reaction time: meaning the time the eyes send a message to the brain and the brain send a message to the muscle to brake
2/ the braking distance
Both cumulated its the distance required to stop a car. ( Germany road safety dept )
A car at 20km/h will need 8 mtrs to stop
A car at 50km/h will need 28 mtrs to stop
A car at 100km/h will need 80 meters to stop
Now keep in mind with the same time reaction whatever the speed of the car if the car is going at 100 instead of 20km/h it will run 5 times more for the same time reaction.Keep in mind as well those numbers double under rain!!!So each of you driving at 100km/h and keeping between 1 meter and 2 meters from your car and the car in front what are you thinking? Maybe nothing as no brain!!!!


I thought UAE, specially Dubai has some what better habits than neighboring countries in general.

One big issue I find is there is no training or awareness about driving in express highways. People who got trained in two lanes comes straight to the second left lane and drive way below the maximum speed limits and with regards to others driving faster than them. Most of them are not aware that we have to drive in the rightmost lines and only come to left lines to overtake and should give way if any vehicle is faster than us. This is never followed and most of the congestion in express highways due to slower vehicles driving in the leftmost lines.

There need to be proper education on it and Police could create awareness by providing indication to move to slower lines for vehicles moving very slowly in the left most lines.


Spot on. This is the single biggest cause of congestion and accidents on UAE roads. Essentially turns a 6 lane highway into a 1 lane (the left lane) high speed road, cause tailgating and crazy driving due to frustration. Police need to enforce the "keep right unless overtaking" rule. Would solve so many issues.


The only issue I have here is the lack of changes done to 'punish' those bad behaviours. Everyday there is article about issues on the road, accidents, miss behaviours and still its getting worse and worse. White land cruisers, Pajero with tinted windows jumping the queue, driving like maniacs over 100 km/h on the safety lane on SZR... Well those same drivers are the ones parking on disabled spaces. Why the Police do not simply take their car and fine them heavily!!! I believe when its painful even the most dumb person start to behave accordingly.


Jumping Queue is the worst offence .

Everyday you see them in Sheikh Zayed Road in Tecom. Barsha, Business Bay exits. Also all over DIFC. It causes traffic jams unnecessarily.

Double lanes or triple lanes crossings make you feel angry and frustrated because it is so unfair!!

Manohar Gidwani

It's mainly the taxi drivers . . . last Friday when I was hit by a taxi from behind, the taxi passenger, slightly hit with pain in his knees, confirmed that he told the taxi driver on two occasions to drive slowly but to no avail . . .
I must also admit that when I have been in trouble on road, it is these same taxi drivers who have extended a helping hand - voluntarily and pro-actively with no expectation of any consideration.

One Guy

Couldn't agree more and it really is high time that this issue is being publicly acknowledged!

The truth is that standard of driving here in the UAE is nothing short of appalling. It is indeed the worst I have ever seen and experienced, the rude, careless and completely aggressive behavior is beyond normal.


I would say many other GCC countries fair just as bad as Kuwait.

Bahrain has poor driving standards where slow drivers refuse to budge out of the left lane (causing accidents) while others insist on blocking junctions (causing backups and queue jumpers).

Saudi has no respect for lanes in general and many are happy to forcibly move out of one if they feel like it while Doha standards of driving remain poor in almost all categories.

Generally speaking, driving in all Gulf countries remain poor and more needs to be done to help raise it's standards to the better.


@One Guy: I'm not sure if you've experienced the situation here in Kuwait then. Totally appalling and a complete lack of courtesy amongst motorists is what is adding to the frustration. 85% or more of the people are busy with other things other than driving here. Getting to your destination safely is a miracle I would say...

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