Dubai opens new A380 airport terminal

Operator announces phased opening of Concourse A; first Emirates flight leaves for Heathrow

Meister Manuel

Well my first flight was overbooked so I took the next one and so I got almost 12 hours at Dubai.
In this time I went to this Terminal via the Train (january 6) and I have to say that it's quite big but a little bit confising where the gates are, compared to the huge T3

Ed B

This is excellent news. Being transported by busses is a real pain, so this is a great step forward.

I also hope that there is invested in more immigration desks and better procedures than in T3. Its unbelievable how long the queues are during peak times, and how slow these queues progress!


Hope they don't have any more groundings of the 380...

Yasir Murad

I salute Shaikh Ahmed and Paul Griffiths for taking Emirates to new heights. In these times, it requires relentless effort to be at the top. It is especially commendable as some of Emirates competitors has vast resources. One very good thing is that Dubai and Emirtaes complement each other.
Continue the good work.


If I booke an Emirates flight and end up on Qantas (the loser airline that it is) i'll switch to another airline. This code-share with Qantas is the worst thing Emirates has done in recent times.


Does the new concourse have its own check-in, customs and baggage reclaim area? Or will A380 passengers now have to walk 15 minutes just to get to their terminal and use the same terrible customs and reclaim service. Imagine how much worse it will be as Emirates grows and if people actually start to get out in Dubai.


Adam, you don't need to worry about walking - there's a new check-in area and a fast train service to the new concourse. They have done a great job.


Adam. As a frequent traveller and Dubai resident i must say I am so happy to have Dubai airport as my home terminal as opposed to Sydney or Heathrow. So much quicker than most places, with maybe the exception of Singapore. In Korea I even have to catch a train to get my luggage.

If you check passenger flow you will see that a great deal of passengers do disembark and visit Dubai.


Conguralation to Dubai, Paul Griffiths & SheikhbAhmed. As always Dubai executes and delivers.


Mabrook to our beloved Dubai!


Isn't this going to be shared with Quantas in the future? If so you can drop the "exclusively built for Emirates" bit.

reply to the smartest A

i can see now why people are so jealous of emirates, etihad, and qatar airways. qantas is burning cash every day, no cash for fleet expansion while gulf carriers have all the resources to do that. lucky EEQ.

Smarter than Smarter than Anonymous

So Mr. Smarter than Anonymous...something can be built exclusively for Emirates but if it is shared then what's the point in still mentioning the exclusivity? If a third carrier uses the concourse can the "exclusivity" tag be dropped? You tell us genius, how many non Emirates carriers can use the "exclusive for Emirates" concourse before we drop the plug?


"Exclusively built for Emirates" Qantas are graciously allowed to share a few gates. The showers on a 380 exclusively built for Emirates but as a first class passenger you may use them.


I guess Emirates can live without quantas, and can have it exclusive if they desire. Am not very sure quantas can afford not having emirates on there side


Why are there no real time photos of the Grand new terminal ?Rather than the Artist rendition here at the AB.

Smarter than Anonymous

It was exclusively built for Emirates, and although QANTAS (please check spelling) will be utilising this for 2 flights a day, its coming under the EK partnership and agreement. Therefore it still remains exclusive just like A380 landing rights into Dubai.

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