Dubai pardons Norwegian rape case woman

Marte Deborah Dalelv has her 16-month jail term for having sex outside marriage dropped

A Norwegian woman sentenced to jail in Dubai after reporting that she had been raped has been pardoned and is free to leave the country, Norway’s Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has ordered Marte Deborah Dalelv’s passport be returned to her and her 16-month sentence for having sex outside marriage and illegally drinking alcohol sentenced dropped, CNN reported.

Dalelv is free to travel where she wants and is allowed to remain in Dubai, ministry spokeswoman Ragnhild Imerslund said.

Dalelv, 24, claimed she was raped in March by a colleague after she asked him to escort her to her room at the end of a work event where they had both been drinking alcohol.

After reporting the incident to police she was held in a Dubai cell for four days and had her passport confiscated.

She had been living in Qatar and working for Al Mana Interiors, a Doha-based interior design business registered as a franchise of The ONE, the Dubai-based company owned by Swedish businessman Thomas Lundgren.

Dalelv was in Dubai for a short business trip in March when the alleged rape took place.

She was suspended from her position and on April 9 was fired by Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana, who secretly married Janet Jackson last year.

In a termination letter signed by Al Mana, Dalelv was told her employment was terminated “for misconduct and breach of your employment duties”.

The ministry spokeswoman said Dalelv had been pardoned following "very constructive" dialogue between the foreign ministers of Norway and the UAE, along with international pressure. The case had made headlines around the world.

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Posted by: Jalal Bin Thaneya

the Norwegian government needs to get help for its alcoholic citizens before blaming our religion and laws.

Posted by: procan

CMC spot on.See you at the 2022 World Cup in OZ.

Posted by: CMC

uck... you all make me sick. Drinking alcohol is not a substitute for consent. Walking with a man to your room is not a substitute for consent. These explanations diminishing the perpetrator's responsibility for the act of rape are completely irrelevant. You need to ask yourselves why are so quick to excuse a serious allegation against a man (i.e. rape) and at the same time condemn the lesser crime of drinking of alcohol? Women are not responsible for rape. Not if they are drunk and not by what they wear. Men surely are accountable for their own actions? Why do we seek to pretend as though they are not?

Posted by: gees

Women need to be more careful when dealing with men, this is the reality of this world.

Other than statement from victim, forensic evidence should also be used. If both were under influence of alcohol then the problem neither would have been in a state of mind to understand what was happening, whether consented or forced, etc.

Women need to be more careful when drinking with men and then going out, if they feel they are not going to have physical relationship with them.

Liberal views are good, but there must be boundaries. Dubai tries to be moderate, but people should be careful as to what law here is. It will also help if a leaflet with does and don'ts are given at entry point in airport to all visitors and to expats during visa process.

It will be good for Dubai, if the actual facts, evidences, etc are brought to light by authorities, so that in future other can be more careful.

Posted by: MDI

So, if it's against the law to have sex without being married in Dubai, you need to book two separates rooms in a hotel? Only married couples welcome ???

Posted by: YouCanNotBeForReal

@Irene, in "any country around the world in Europe or US" this would be considered rape, ever heard of date-rape?

I do not know abut Russia, whose legal standards are questionable in any case. And bringing India as an example of how to handle goes beyond clueless into troll territory

Posted by: irene

In any country around the world Europe,US, Russia, India this case would not be recorded as a rape because she provoked the situation and furthermore because she is accusing this guy of rape she would be liable of paying all law suit case costs and indemnity for difamation on the guy. So sharia, etc. this is only for the media to bad mouth Dubai. She is very lucky to get out in this way because she had the media distorting the story to discredit a religion and a country!!!! Any decent woman in the world does not get stone drunk and undresses in front of a man, goes to bed and after has the cheek of saying he raped me.The judge had the whole true story and his decision was right she should be punished by having to pay but prison this was too much.

Posted by: Whatever

In other countries in the world would a man be convicted of rape just based on the word of the woman? If so then I would be very worried.
The fact everyone who has jumped to Marte's defence seems to be missing is, apart from her word there is no evidence to sustain her claim. She claims the man accused was overtly friendly previously yet she chose him out of all her other colleagues to take her to the hotel room, there is video showing she was not under duress when going to that room, she undressed herself and got in his bed. She could have gone to any other female colleagues room but she chose not to, she chose him.

Posted by: bad wolf

irene, if that is the case, there is something wrong with the men around you then... how come in some countries, women wear bikinis at the beach, they are practically naked, they don't get jumped right there & then & get raped... hmmmm....

i have worked in a hospital in a middle east countries & i can tell you that women come in due to sexual assault injuries. there was a woman wearing a hijab & an abaya, she still got raped by 2 men, she kept screaming it's haram, it's haram! but they still ripped off her modest clothing. there was another woman who was with her husband waiting for a cab, a group of men pretended to be police, one of them took the man aside, accusing him of being an illegal alien while the rest forcefully took the woman inside a car & they all got away with her. the husband was overnumbered. she was raped in all available orifice in her body.

that's just a few of the examples. so you still think these sexual attacks on them are warranted???

Posted by: suresh

Now it is time for the poor Indian video guy to be pardoned too.

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