Dubai police arrest ‘shock video’ uploader

Man behind Youtube video faces a fine of up to AED20,000 or two years in jail


So what happened why has the publications stopped reporting about it?


The laws of the UAE (and many other countries - indeed the UK is in no way perfect) may be unjust and in some instances totally flawed, but the laws of God are not. They will received justice in one life or another.


Why was my comment edited? Over half of my comment has been removed. Nothing rude of libellous either. Tut Tut. I am disappointed in you Arabian Business. Will you edit this one too??


Dear Dubai Police,

You do not arrest a person for recording a crime. You thank him for his work and award him. Without his recording this crime would have gone unnoticed.

To the person who recorded this crime, do not worry, the whole world is behind you. What you did was brave and showed the reality. Everyone else should also do the same report the crime without fear of persecution.

Thanks to those UAE local national's who have supported the person who recorded the crime and condemned the actions of the UAE official. There are many decent and matured minded UAE national's. But there are quite a few local's think that they are above the law and ill treat other nationalities almost everyday. Hope that this incidence is an eye opener for the authorities to start taking serious steps towards mutual respect for other residents in the UAE.


Let me just put it out there... if this man intentionally tried to humiliate an Emirati official in a public forum with malicious intent, this is crime in the UAE. If those computer hard drives that were confiscated by the police from his home confirm this, this is why he being denied bail. This man saw that the car had a three digit license plate, so he knew it was an Emirati official and he still went home and uploaded it on YouTube? He should have rendered the video to police.

Ray J

Isn't the UAE and Dubai in particular trying to project itself as a progressive city- state? so can they please explain in clear terms what crime the man shooting the video committed? surely not sufficient to warrant arrest and imprisonment? The World awaits your explanations sirs.... thank you


Dear Louis,

You don't record a crime in the UAE and put it on YouTube, you render the video to police and you let the authorities handle the situation.


I am not a UAE local national.


Wrong signal from Dubai to the rest of the world


We are in the 21st century: data, news and images are shared instantaneously across borders. Citizen journalism is at the forefront of universal freedom. Dubai is a modern city with a focus towards the future. The law should reflect this modernity and in no society is it fair to punish the person who exposes injustice!


Actually the son of the Emirati has no right to go to court seeking defamation against the video uploader. In fact his father who had defamed this country and people by doing such act in public has to seek pardon from the victim and the people of dubai. The son has to realize his mistake and with draw the case from the court as soon as possible, so that the people around the world should not form a bad opinion of dubai, whose king is making every thing in his capacity,to make this country among the best places in the world


my one question to all. if a local person had uploaded video of an indian, would be the case same ????


The ?shock video? uploader should be severely punished and sent back home not only for breaking the law by recording a video in a public place but also by uploading the incident on youtube to stir up public opinion and paint Dubai in a bad light, this is nothing but being spiteful and malicious.

Ray J

Angham .... am sure that young man is just eagerly awaiting the day he is free to leave the shores of the UAE - you don't have to deport him - but frankly since when is it a crime to shoot a video or take photographs in a public place when you're so keen on promoting the place as a tourist destination ?


Aghnam.... It's ramadan... Have some mercy and ask god for forgiveness. Kama tadinou toudan.... The same will happen to you one day... And let's see what will you say... Shame on you. Even god said we are all created equal... Or you forgot.


The individual who prepared this video should be released immediately and given a medal for exposing this brutal assault. Without this evidence it is doubtful if the perpetrator could ever have been caught and apprehended and the video is hard evidence of his guilt.

Tees Maar Khan

To the person who recorded this crime, do not worry, the whole world is behind you. What you did was brave and showed the reality. Everyone else should also do the same report the crime without fear of persecution.

White Tip

Coooool. 2 years or 20,000 for filming a crime and 1 year or 10,000 for beating people on the road.... it's cheaper to beat people up.


I am not really sure you could get the same deal if you tried to do this.

Maybe this works like DEWA, different tariffs for different nationalities.


Locals do not like pictures because pictures=evidence and evidence=loss of face so pictures are forbidden in the UAE. Many websites get shut down just because they have pictures or evidence on them of something that makes someone look bad.

When the Police come they ask for evidence and if evidence is forbidden you pretty much do not have a case without evidence. With the evidence you have also violated the law lol.. I got a feeling most of the posts here are missing lol..

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