Dubai Police could allow public to film crimes

Move being considered after man who uploaded video is arrested


Seeing the unfolding circumstances in this case and the mental distress the up loader would have suffered, I bet, even if the law changes to allow filming, people are now more discouraged to record crimes and will now think twice even if they see a severe crime. Which is disappointing


There is no way to sympathise with the actions of the local. I have been involved in car accidents here with people who have driven awfully; I keep my temper no matter how I feel inside.


I wrote a 999 character comment, which included clarifying how making the video public could certainly be considered 'defamation'. My comment was 'abridged' to what you see above. I shan't bother to write again.


This way corruption can be hidden and the identity of the criminals can be withheld from the eye of the public. I would have to disagree with this. By hiding the actions and crimes of criminals regardless of what Nationality or race they are would mean someone is helping cover up crimes for locals. This is not right because innocent civilians regardless of their nationality or race could become victims to violence or crime to criminals who remain unknown to us. Even on the Police Headquarters Website the identity of all local criminals is withheld from the eye of the public which is why you do not see any wanted locals on the wanted list.

Editors, if you want to be honest about this then both sides of the story must be heard. Hopefully and Inshallah (as they say in Arabic) You will publish and not edit or moderate this post.

Ahmed Abdulrahman

I fully agree that filming people with their consent and then publish it on public media is illegal. It is simply called defamation.
To film a crime in the process and then send it to the police now that is good citizen responsibility. Hail Dubai police for keeping Dubai safe for all.


Defamation is not what you think it is.
When people say/do something you do not like or you do not agree is not "defamation"
Actually judging from your post I would say that is good sense.


since this man's action resulted in Dubai police to change its law and allow citizens to post their films from the crime scenes, Can we request the Police to release him and thank him for high- lighting such a defect in the present Law ?


he should be released atleast he brought to light the crime,,, as this happens a lot and it goes on the blind side of all...


All its seen to me, the senior man has right to violence, for convenience the charges are reasonable to get away with it. The man who seen the crime is become more chargeable. If this happens coz we look at reality and the truth. I am sure if there will not be involved senior local man, the actions will be different. Morel here, avoid all actions which you think could be write or wrong to do, as you still do & be wrong.


this is where I am a little confused.

Defame: Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person's reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person

which it was not.

which just leaves the lessor part of taking pictures without permission.

Or am I missing something.

Dominic Calvert

If you are in the "Public Domain" i.e. in the street, you are already being monitored by many cameras without your consent. This is typical in all developed Countries, not just here, and is largely in the Public Interest. I have no problem being watched daily, but know how to behave in Public, and the laws and customs prevailing in the U.A.E. I also sympathise with the Emirati concerned who probably was annoyed at the accident, and reacted badly, as many of us probably would also. Road Rage is not acceptable anywhere, and what resulted was clearly an assault. If the incident was not recorded would it have gone unreported? Maybe all parties should just settle this and apologise to each other rather than waste Police and Court time?


Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan is the best police chief ever who only believes in truth being spoken openly. I just hope and request the authorities not to convict the 22 year old indian uploader, it will be very unfair to jail someone for exposing an obvious crime. He should be recognized for his bravery instead to film someone with a 3-digit number plate, I am sure if it was us, we would have just passed quietly without doing anything seeing the number plate and a local.

Saif Bin Ahmed

I agree that we should not be allowed to upload such incidents and events. Whatever you film should be shown to the police or concerned party. Its not entirely fair for viewers to pass judgement or to decide who is guilty or not based on a short clip. After all it could be possible that the portion that is filmed is not the full incident and therefore missing a vital part that would explain a person's actions.


If an Emirati man had filmed the incident, he would not be in jail today.
There is clearly an issue of double standard.

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