Dubai property has turned corner - Oxford Business Group


"investor confidence is also being driven by a new law proposed ... the rights of owners will be reinforced" - this of course excludes any property from local developers, esp. Nakheel who make it a national past-time to kick owners' and tenants' rights.


fake news to get the market to go up. Supply exceed demand
end of story...


the numbers just dont add up.

Prices are rising, rents are rising, investors are having problems renting properties out.

My landlord has asked me to stay on as he is having difficulty finding a renter.
Somethings is wrong!!
So if I am an "investor" if I can't rent, then to get my yield of 8% which the "Agents" say is possible, then I still see a huge over valuation..... So how much upside is there if there is an over valuation....However...the stock market (such as the euro stoxx) is dirt cheap...

Would rather invest into a cheap investment than an overpriced investment.


What planet is Oliver on? Has he not been to Dubai for the last four years? This sort of cheerleeding PR nonsense from oxford biz is yet another attempt to talk up the market. Where, oliver, exactlty has there been "solid" growth in the last few months?

Still a Believer

Victory Heights - rents up from 190-220/5 and resale prices ticking up significantly. Am not a broker or in real estate - am looking to buy a villa on a sound development and those are the facts.

Having said that, there are many areas where 'growth' is a figament of some editor's imagination!

Watch when Jumeirah Park villas get handed over shortly - literally 100's of villas for sale.


Can I have the same medication that Oxford Business Group are having,cause i sure need the uplifting imaginary unrealistic touch with reality moments.
guess what also there is no hunger in africa,no more global warming ,and the dinosaurs are back ...


I work for one the real estate developers in Dubai, and I AM SURPRISED!! Sales have picked up drastically and NO John, investors/buyers are NOT from west!

We have seen huge interest growth from GCC, Pakistan, Syria, Iran over the past few months.

We will be hearing more about the DLD transparancy regulations in near future which is positive and another factor to drive market forward...

I am positive on the above report...


I think the sort of customer you are describing, aren't the ones that will bring sustainable growth, nor are they the ones Dubai really wants. Dubai doesn't support this sort of money laundry.


it completely eradicates logic and reality.


The reality is that small pockets of developments like Palm Jumeirah villas ( not apartments !! ) are showing some signs of recovering - very small signs I might add. Almost everywhere else is still flat and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of villas/apartments being worked on or stalled that will not be sold or occupied for a very long time.. If he is also basing this view on a law that has not yet been passed then he has no experience of living in Dubai.


Welcome to the party... Hope, he has access to read AB.

"Nakheel drains Palm pools over service fees row", even if Oliver wish, they would not allow the crisis to over.

How many properties OBG buying today? If investor default, drain the pool, what about defaulter of incomplete and cancelled projects?


Really? Let's re-think, people have been burnt..

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