Dubai ruler approves $898m Nakheel projects

Red Snappa

A sniff of recovery in the property sector and it's already an industry becoming remarkably over indulgent in new projects again, finishing other developments where customers have paid their money with nothing to show for it, might be a more prudent example to set. Client sentiment and restoring a reputation, you know all the old fashioned, well mannered, ethically biased working practices!!

Some parts of the market are beginning to overheat again, if the claim that some prices have gone up 30% in a year is to be believed, which takes us right back to the calamity zone in but a short while.


Trying to jump start a dead real estate engine

Douting Thomas

Nakeel track record is so negative that it will hard to sell this project to investors. The mall will have hard times attracting people without a well thought mix of supermarket, restaurants and leisure shops for the youngsters. A good view on the sea and a good mix of indoor and outdoor walking possibilities to avoid the disaster of JBR walk who is a pollution capital. Can not see the sea, can not seat outside due to car fumes and noise. JBR Walk mistakes should be avoided. I hope Nakheel can get something right this time but doubt it.


LOL !!!


The Nakheel Mall is halfway down the trunk, not on the beach - or even close. The Pointe is at the tip of the Palm trunk, across the bay from Atlantis and hence does not overlook Jumeirah Beach Hotel.


If ..."excellence remains forever"....why was Nakheel and Sama given "approval" to ruin significant parts of Dubai? The Lagoons creek site and Jebel Ali Waterfront are beyond repair and a complete mess but more meaningless projects continue to be "approved". The Sama sales office at the Lagoons is falling apart, the hoardings rotting and not a jot of action to repair the irreversible damage to the fragile UAE environment but hey who cares about that when there is money to be made eh?

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