Dubai ruler unveils $1.6bn island project

Bluewaters Island project off JBR coast will include world's largest Ferris wheel


Dubai is changing its approach and focusing more and more on tourist projects and not on real estate projects to be sold to private investors. In my opinion this is a smart approach because that will create a steady source of revenue from local, regional and international tourists.

Worried JBR Resident

I agree with James. Meanwhile the other two Palms and most of the World islands just sit and fester!! And a Pedestrian Bridge......just how close to the JBR beach will this be?


I thought that Dubailand "..will prove a must-visit experience for visitors and residents in the UAE ..", and now it's on hold.

Just the planning must cost miilions (of USD)..!!

Reinhard Dr.Stolle

We all have to agree to Red Snappa and faz, as by all optimism after the global downturn with its roots in the real estate crisis, the unfinished projects in Dubai and elsewhere - we should lay the emphasis on the finishing of its unfinshed projects and the the modernisation of Dubai�s infrastructure, otherwise the next bubble will hurt even more in a quite more severe size Dubai�s economy!


interesting ideas for investment in Europe midmak @ wp

Kaptain Saif

Great initiative. This will bring back all of the investors back to Dubai - Dubai will regain its powerplay very soon.

A grand theme of planning awaits the fate of Dubai. Nobody can stop Dubai from soaring yet again.

This project is just the beginning again - great going and great thinking by the leadership of UAE.
More and more welfare will be available plus lots of parking, no Saliks and No parking fines.

Slowly and gradually the dust will be washed away and the hatemongers will bite their fist


The business entities owned by the ruler of Dubai are deep in debt. Other sovereign entities similarly in debt. Existing mega-projects still unfinished "on-hold" and yet more mega projects are announced.

I applaud the vision of Sh. Mohammed, and all the impressive development and economic growth that he has achieved for the nation and the people of Dubai. However, I now begin to wonder the wisdom of "more of the same". With a national population on Dubai of under 500,000 how much real-estate development is really required to sustain every national in a comfortable life.

I hope Sh. Mohammed is looking at the future and its challenges in the same way that Al Gore is doing so. The development of Dubai and the UAE in general needs to be sustainable, and I do not see that happening at the moment. It's about long term viability and quality and not just quantity. How about developing a technology / knowledge based economy and not just one based on entertainment and tourism?

one of the joes

Omar, thank you, your text sounds like a voice of reason.
Just one question, why do people not express their gratefulness to Sheikh Rashid anymore? he created the foundation for most things in Dubai - airport, airline, ports, Dubal, even the metro idea goes back to him.


Why not re-start work on Palm Jebel Ali and put it there? Building new islands when there is another Palm island just sitting there seems a bit crazy.


Inspired thinking on this development and JBR is the perfect place for it, apart from the defunct beaches, terrible traffic, limited parking.... The Dubai Eye will also give great views of the planes flying around the Marina....


Has Meraas cleared all out-standings to their earlier service providers?

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