Dubai's Damac launches first project since 2008

The Distinction will be a 195m tower with 295 serviced luxury hotel apartments

Paul King

Red Snappa....stop being so sensible, honest and realistic!


Red Snappa, get over yourself.

Dubai has bills to pay indeed, but i don't seem to recall any haircuts requested by any of Dubai's government owned entities; only an extension to deadlines (with interest, mind you).

Its true there are outstanding debts to be paid (although I personally disagree with that view, as these were not debts but actual investments and in an investment, you either win or you lose, its not a guarantee). These debts, which are due to mature in the next few years, will be paid how? Dubai has no oil of its own, it makes money through fees and taxes. How do you collect more fees? By having more people live in Dubai and use its facilities. How do you do that? By creating an environment for investments. By allowing more real estate projects to start; this will require people to design, build and maintain them, which means more people living here, using more services, generating more cash flow for Dubai, increasing its revenues, etc etc.

Stop being so negative.


everyone has to pay bills Francis.
Some go about it morally, others legally and some not at all.

Putting your head in the sand wont make life anything less realistic though, nor the bills due any less either.

Thankfully some are realistic enough. But in your rose coloured lens world that is negative.
I prefer the real world. If you had been hit badly, so would you.


I see a few stalled projects in Business Bay. What's the story with those?


Look into Schon Properties , dubai lagoon . we been waiting for 8 years for our apartments !!

Red Snappa

And the merry-go-round starts once more, launch too much at your peril, I say. The slimmest of recoveries, and at that focused on villas in the main and we're building apartments left, right and centre again! Who actually advises developers that this is a good idea or rather who gets PAID for advising developers that this is a good idea?

Late 2015/ 2016 but not now, there are huge economic problems lurking elsewhere in the world, just waiting to bite the local economy. Just remember, there are still a huge number of bankers bills to repay over the next few years which offset any improvement in revenues, just a tad! - and in the meantime there's the cost of keeping the whole fudamental infrastructure going, which is rising again!

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