Dubai's Nakheel repays more cash to lenders


To the best of my knowledge they are paying back a portion of the interest and penalties of which were past due. They are negotiating to delay paying back the actual amount and even the minimum payments due. I have a payment that I am supposed to collect on and I have not collected interest or any thing and it has been 10 years now.

Mhd Shzn

Always believed Dubai's return to a healthy economy would be linked to the return of Nakheel.

May God bless and guide Nakheel to prosperity and in turn bless the patient investors (and victims) who suffered the wrath a global financial crisis.

Dubai is truly back and in growth, mabrook all who held.

Daud Al Zainey

@ Mhd, well, held is the operative word because they are still holding my money and the money of many hundreds of other buyers even though the project is cancelled.


and commiserations to all who went under awaiting their money!

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