Dubai said to mull adding deck to Sheikh Zayed Road

Feasibility study looks into possibility of adding second deck to Dubai's main highway - report

Transport authorities in Dubai could add a second tier to the emirate’s Sheikh Zayed Road highway as part of ambitious plans to ease traffic congestion, it has been reported.

Under proposals not yet made public, a second deck above the existing highway would run 35km from Jebel Ali Port to Dubai Creek. A feasibility study is already said to be under way, with consultants being invited to submit proposals for the project on March 25, according to Middle East Economic Digest (MEED).

Sheikh Zayed Road is one of the Middle East’s busiest freeways, with seven lanes of traffic in each direction. It spans much of the UAE, from Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah.

MEED speculates that the new tier would be used primarily for long-distance traffic, with a limited number of junctions and exits. The magazine also says that it could be a toll road.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority could not be contacted to comment on the proposal.

The emirate is expected to spend approximately $8bn on new infrastructure after being confirmed as the host city for Expo 2020. Projects will include an extension to the existing metro system, in addition to a new tram network, which is due to open later this year.

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Posted by: Non-Muslim

Having been to Dubai recently for a short business meeting, I was simply shocked by the road traffic there - the sheer volume and the blatant lack of discipline by many drivers.
1. Check your traffic rules - if need be: amend them, but KISS - keep it simple and stupid so EVERYBODY understands them.
2. Check your penalty code if it covers any kind of traffic rules violations.
3. Check traffic flows by CCTV and check traffic rule violators - and consequently prosecute them according to penalty code.
4. Apply penalty code to ALL traffic rule violators - without ANY exemption.
Forcing ALL traffic participanrs (expats AND locals) to abide by the traffic rules, with the prospect of getting REALLY hit by a penalty, will do a lot - and it will make the double-deck highway superfluous.
Drive safely!

Posted by: Sans Sense

1) Link up Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman through Metro.

2) Start a ferry service between Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. Being on the same stretch of the coast, this should be easy.

3) Designate special lanes on Emirates Road - between Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman - for cars with 4 or 5 occupants. In short, encourage car pools.

4) Start thinking of linking Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman through subway instead of wasting time and money on unrealistic and ineffective projects, such as a replica of The Taj Mahal.

Posted by: Traveller

Franco, car pooling is legal in Dubai, however to do so you have to pre-register with the RTA, you get a certificate which only covers up to 4 named passengers, you can only have one certificate in existence at any one time and you have to renew it every six months. I wouldn't call this "encouraging" car pooling, more like "barely tolerating" it.

Posted by: Franco

Car pooling is encouraged in Dubai. There are several schemes, google 'car share Dubai'.

Posted by: PPM

While they are great idea for traffic reduction and very ecologically responsible, aren't car pools illegal under current laws here?

Posted by: frustrateddriver

Only one answer to this:

Before getting more roads: LEARN HOW TO USE ONE

Craig has mentioned it before:

The main solution to congestion and accidents lies in an implementation of the 'Stay to the RIGHT' rule which is applicable in the rest of the civilized world but not here.

That's why everyone spreads out, zig-zags, swerves and passes at huge speeds on the right.

How to implement? Camera's, and a fine for passing someone on the right! That's all! Saves Dubai billions, helps to educate people, minimizes environmental impact and saves countless lives!

EASY! Come on guys! Discuss this!

Posted by: Lity Mathew

Interesting approach and looks feasible.
I don't think the approach is made without a study of experts.
Really appreciable as the proposals are open minded, which mitigate many issues, such as traffic and the limitation on speed.

Posted by: Victory

Don't know what all the fuss is about. The double highway running past Dubai Mall works very well and does a great job of alleviating the traffic stress on the lower road. Without it, this part of town would be truly gridlocked.

Bangkok has their own version.

SZR is going to chaos when the creek extension starts anyway. However, the RTA can pull off good projects - the recent addition of two flyovers on Umm Sequiem Street has saved countless thousands of commuters at least 10 minutes every morning rush hour.

I do wish things would get finished off though. Too many parts of Dubai are still under construction with no apparent activity. Let's get all this wrapped up so the beautification, pavements etc, can all finally be put in place.

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