Dubai set to scrap AED24 Salik daily cap

Decision aims to encourage motorists to use alternative roads, says transport authority


Lets get this into perspective folks - it's approx. 35aed to cross the Severn Bridge over to wales - 1 way. On top of this we have to pay road tax. On driving to my holiday in Italy it cost me 200 pounds around 1,200 aed in tolls!! This is nothing!!!


i disagree with those who talk against salik,let them drive in other parts of the world and then comment.


Dont forget that the average worker (I am talking about car owners, not laborers) in the Gulf earns much more than what people in the UK do.


And how much did you pay to go to school in the UK? What if you loose your job in the UK? Does the govt. help you?


Two simple options, the first is to use the public transport and the second is to pack your luggage and leave and spare us your never ending whining. I suggest the second, what say you???


Saeed, you are right! Let them leave as there are hundreds, if not thousands, waiting to take the place of every expat in the GCC.

They won't leave though because they will be on welfare in their home countries...


I agree with Saeed, the easiest is to pack your bags and leave. I did it and I am happy and I am free.

No thought

Come on people, stop thinking freely and expressing opinions.
Saeed doesnt like it when you dont agree with him.


Maybe most of you don't travel much, but countries with taxes also have road tolls.....

Something in return....

Probably, none for holidays...

Still, it is worth paying for the comfort we gain from Govt's spending on new roads and bridges whereever you turn... Where esle can you find so many projects of public interest run at a time?

Every Govt in the world trying to grip their fund, while here we get things easy even before we ask....

Maybe the method in which we are charged can be itchy, but we get the benefit and comfort even before we expect....


Germany doesn't


Why this uproar over Salik? We know Dubai needs funds to pay off its debts. Yes, we don't pay taxes yet do pay a large number of 'fees' for various services, but these are in direct proportion to our usage of those services. Salik is a toll fee for the great roads we use. Toll is the right word and it is called so on so many of the Salik billboards around town. If we were to call Salik a 'tax' as many suggest, would it make any difference and will we feel better about paying it? I doubt it. So let's stop moaning about semantics and move on. At least consumers are offered a choice to use alternative 'free' routes as well as the Dubai metro option.


Dubai is in their right to increase the indirect taxes as much as they want and I think it is a good way to increase their income.
Maybe some of the money will be used for making bicycle paths in the town!
As long as buisiness is still growing Dubai can increase the indirect taxes without feeling any negative impact. If later the growth will slow down Dubai have some tools to work with.


This will not affect most people, however you will start feeling the impact on the price of goods and services as transport companies experience increased operating expenses.

Empty pockets

It's all about money. We don't pay taxes we pay the worlds most expensive fees! We also have to pay a knowledge fee ! This is with every govt transaction. God bless the middle income earners.

So this 5% of Salik users are going to de clogg the roads ! Please stop insulting our intelligence.


Mr anonymous below, whether we pay taxes or not is not the point. The issue is the lack of rationale behind the reasons. So who are the 5%? Probably mostly businesses, like courier companies, who cannot take alternative routes. So the net effect of traffic diversion will be very minimal. As said before by others, if traffic diversion is the goal, there should be no charges on friday and during the night.


If you dont like it you are free to leave!


Best advice Ive heard all day! +45C outside, no chance for a raise, rent going up, everything going up. Time to flee.

Ill leave my car in the airport - Terminal 3 2nd level.



tony, while you may think that you are being funny, your comment simply shows your ignorance and poor logic skills.

The expats who come to the GCC are here to work - whether as janitors or CEO's - they are here to do our bidding.

GCC Arabs are not coming to the EU to work; we got there to holiday.

As Abdulla has said, if they don't like it, there are planes leaving daily to take them back to their wonderful countries....


Stop whining get over it your all earning double your salaries for an easy ride think how lucky you are!!!!

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