Dubai tipped to be TOWIE movie location

UK's TV hit The Only Way Is Essex reportedly set to film big screen version in emirate

Saudi Engineer

So when do we see Jersey Shore filmed in Dubai? Or why not get their own home grown reality show - they can call it Jumeira Shore..


"Dubai would be the perfect place as it is the current hip destination for young Essex boys and girls"

Whoever's responsible for marketing tourism in Dubai should be hanging their head in shame right now.


Not sure that they care, to be fair. Just need as many as possible spending their money.


sadly no Kaz.
From the Kardashians to Paris Hilton, it seems to attract this sort of personality.
Wonder why?


So Sex and the City gets a big no for filming in Dubai - but TOWIE is going to be filmed in Dubai????? Surely this is everything Dubai tries to distance itself from. I'm sure once they look into this - hopefully it will be stopped!!!

Baffy Dedo

Oh Dear!!!

And you didn't want to have Sex and the City filmed in Dubai!!!

Just see what you have got instead - 1,000 times worse!! And this time it's for real - unfortunately.

I'm with you Jacob 'Shudder'.

Jesse B

Forget the reality TV format. BBC made a soap opera in the early 90s called Eldorado, about a British expat community living in the Costa del Sol in Spain.

I think it would be a fantastic idea were someone to do the same in Dubai. It would be brilliant.

There is so much material to be found in the daily lives of British expats living in Dubai. They should call it Palm Island.


Starring Jumeirah Jane?

Sarah Weybridge

To be honest, most of the times I visit some places I feel that I am already an unwitting extra in a TOWIE-style programme.

Sign of the times.

bart play

Wow! Dubai is going to get so much exposure from this. We need more sophisticated & culturally sensitive productions brought into the region.




Not something I'd be boasting about.....

30 years ago it would have been Torremolinos......

Just shows you the where Dubai is heading.....


No no no, Dubai should avoid this at all costs....

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