Egypt billionaire Moustafa gets murder case retrial

Property tycoon was found guilty of paying a hit man to kill singer Suzanne Tamim.

MURDER TRIAL: At the time of his arrest, Moustafa was a member of the upper house of parliament. (Getty Images)

MURDER TRIAL: At the time of his arrest, Moustafa was a member of the upper house of parliament. (Getty Images)

Egypt’s highest appeals court on Thursday overturned the death sentence against real-estate billionaire Hisham Talaat Moustafa for the murder of a Lebanese pop singer, and ordered a retrial.

Moustafa, a former chief executive officer of Talaat Moustafa Group Holding, was found guilty on May 21 of paying a hit man to kill his former girlfriend, Suzanne Tamim. The murder and trial have captivated the media in the Arab world, where politicians and the wealthy are generally perceived to be above punishment.

Shares of Talaat Moustafa Group, Egypt’s biggest publicly- traded real estate developer, rose as much as 4.7 percent after the ruling. They were trading 3 percent higher at 8.12 Egyptian pounds ($1.48) at 12:12 p.m. in Cairo.

At the time of his arrest, Moustafa was a member of the upper house of parliament and belonged to the ruling National Democratic Party of President Hosni Mubarak.

Moustafa had an affair with Tamim, 31, and then paid former police officer Mohsen al-Sukary $2 million to kill her in Dubai after she left him, police say. Al-Sukary, who was sentenced to death, was also granted a retrial. Both men had pleaded not guilty.

The prosecutor said in September that Moustafa, who is married with three children, helped al-Sukary obtain visas to the U.K. and the United Arab Emirates so that he could stalk Tamim.

Al-Sukary entered Tamim’s Dubai apartment on July 28, 2008, on the pretext of doing work there and stabbed her repeatedly before cutting her throat, the prosecutor said.

Moustafa, who was born in 1959, was arrested and stripped of his parliamentary immunity a month after the killing.

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Posted by: max

Most of the comments here have deviated from the main subject of the murder and turned into a strange illiterate humiliation against a great country. Mr Khan Comments clearly show his a lack of proper knowledge and great anger against Egypt, God only knows why? The murder case details and reasons for retrial are clear through the media. It?s so naive to pretend that we are all criminal judges and experts to decide whether Mustafa killed Susan or not. If the topic is open about the murder crime, let?s not turn into an anti Egypt campaign please!

Posted by: Mike

I have had the pleasure of visiting Egypt and I can tell you this first hand. As a tourist, you have to keep your guards up the entire time you are there. Every one is trying to get something out of you. I understand that it is a poor nation, and that makes people behave in a certain way. But I have traveled to many poor nations, and nowhere was I on guard like in Egypt. Egyptians do themselves no favor by cheating the tourists. Egypt has a huge potential for attracting visitors. But with the way people behave towards tourists, many won't come back. Like me!

Posted by: Genghis Khan

It will be good if the Egyptians stopped defending and start analyzing and relizing why they have moved from nation that everyone like to nation that everyone tend to avoid and stay away from... What we are talking about over here is a Crime, a crime in killing an inocent lady in her house with over 40 stabs with knifes. Even the worth animals will not do something like that, and what Shocks me that Egyptians are defending this crime, and by law anyone who hides the crime or protect the criminal is as guilty as the the criminal himself, and in this case the entire Egyptians decided to sell their pride for god knows what... and they are screaming why everyone in the world is disgusted from them.. That's why Egyptians, coz your covering a crime.

Posted by: Rim

Sarah.., apparently you know very little about Egypt and Egyptians!! Therefore, there's no point..we really don't have to prove ourselves and our worth to anybody, especially to the narrow minded. If you think that Egyptians' focus is money, you are way is definetely not money, but people who care, understand, and see things clearly without being offensive at every single opportunity..

Posted by: Sarah

Responding to the comment posted by "Egyptian and always proud to be": " Egypt is sick in my eyes and it needs support from the Arab world, not criticizm and ridicule!!! " What kind of support do you need? Money? You have more resources than most of other Arab countries, your average income and infrastructures are better than what is in for example, Yemen. Yet, anyone foreigners who have lived in both countries can instantly tell you, poorer Yemenis have comparably much higher level of integrity, dignity, (genuine) hospitality and values of humanity than the average Egyptians.

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