EgyptAir to review in-flight films after Brotherhood grumble

Muslim Brotherhood passenger said film offended Egyptian values and customs

EgyptAir is to review its in-flight entertainment following a mid-air complaint by a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ruling Freedom and Justice Party.

The Star Alliance carrier said it would work to ensure that the films it shows respect “Egyptian values and customs” in the future, after the speaker of Egypt’s upper house of parliament Ahmed Fahmy felt a film being shown caused offence.

Fahmy, travelling in business class, confronted the EgyptAir crew and demanded that the films be turned off “politely and without a row”, which the airline said happened with “no annoyance or objection from the passengers”.

Local media in Cairo identified the film in question as ‘Arees Mama’, or ‘Mother’s Suitor’, starring Nelly Al-Masry Al-Youm.

EgyptAir has said it will now form a committee to review all films shown on its flight. CEO Roshdy Zakaria said the committee would remove films it deemed to “depart from Egyptian values and customs”.

In November last year, EgyptAir said it would allow its female staff to begin wearing Islamic headdresses while working, ending a long-running ban imposed under the rule of deposed former leader Hosni Mubarak.

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Posted by: leo50

basically it's just a sad state of affairs when a country that appeared to have given itself a chance to have a democratic way of life has apparently seen this hijacked and left almost as badly off as it was in the days of the previous regime and the prospect of deteriorating even further. I hope this will not occur but like many others, fear the worst. As always, it will be the innocent who bear the brunt.

Posted by: procan

lego50 ...... It is so sad, from my position hear in Canada what is happen in the middle east saddens me. Endless fighting and it has been going on all my life continually. I can see no change coming in my children's life time either. The only thing I no is that oil continues to flow endlessly perhaps when it slows down or stops there will be peace is.

Posted by: RBH

Another Iran... what more atrocities are awaiting this region, only God knows.

Posted by: Baiju

Well Said...Mr Dough....the same show will go on repeated until the D day...the the net loss is the lives of people who die on the streets....the rest will remain same..without any loss..."UN..NATO...around the table talks of the officials....lavish food ..ariconditioned office...coshy blah..they have nothing to loose..."

Posted by: Doug

Yep, and here's exactly what will happen.

People in Egypt will start shooting each other.

The situation will get out of hand.

The UN will beg for support to restore peace to the region.

All the usual suspects (US, UK, France, the rest of NATO) will actually do something while Russia and China refuse to get involved, and the Arab World chastises the West for not doing enough (while simultaneously doing nothing at all).

One of the Egyptian sides decides to use human shields who inevitably get killed.

Suddenly it's all 'death to America' on the streets and accusations that the US is an evil colonial warmonger while the Egyptians continue to regularly shoot civilians.

The West pulls out.

The whole situation gets even worse. But now, it's all of course America's fault and nothing to do with a repressive Egyptian regime.

And the world returns to normality again.

Or I dunno, maybe the Arab world could try fixing the problem before it gets to this stage?

Posted by: SAM

Let's face it. Egypt has gone the same way as Iran has after the shah. Let's hope they will also follow Iran by advancing technologically and socially, and provide proper education, social justice and health care services to its entire population. It worked for Iran.

Posted by: Ed B.

I hope Egypt people see that the actions Ahmed Fahmy should be addressed and condemned. This is definitely misuse of power.

Posted by: Baffy Dedo

@procan - and who's to say all these Muslims will fly on this airline if that happens?

The airlines are flying to and from the west - there is none of this segragation there. But there is alcohol, pork and all the other evils such as women.

I sit on the plane quite frequently and the guys downing the alcohol are of the non-christian persuasion.
And separate seating? how? You ask people when they book what sex they are? - if the part of the plane designated for women is empty - what then? They fly the planes half empty - in this economic climate?

Commercially to make an airline with tjhis defined code fo behaviour does not make economic or any kind of sense.

Posted by: Justin

@ Calvin: Seriously, you don't see the sarcasm in the comment of Baffy Dedo?

On topic: Baffy Dedo is absolutly right. In these times with so many competition in the aviation world, you are doomed when you drive people out of your airplanes with this kind of policy.

Well, I guess that's another competitor down and makes more room for Emirates, Etihad or Qatar Airways.

Posted by: Calvin

Women are not evil, friend. The rest is your opinion and belief.

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