Emaar handpicks 70 super rich investors for Dubai Hills villas

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Just 70 super rich investors have been selected by developer Emaar for the first viewing of villas on the new Dubai Hills project.

The investors – chosen from over 10,000 who have applied to buy properties on the luxury project – will be shown detailed plans and pricing structures on December 8, at a secret location in Dubai. Arabian Business – which has chosen not to reveal the location – understands that the villas will be priced from AED30m ($8.1m) upwards.

When first launched in June as a joint venture between Emaar and Meeras,  the project was described as “By Invitation Only” with all applicants asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire, including whether they hold any “Executive Director” positions, their employment and marital status.

“From these Emaar selected a few thousand initially, and of those, just 70 have been told they will get the first viewing next Sunday,” said a source close to the project.

Just 600 plots are being put up for sale in Dubai Hills, with “small groups” of investors being invited to purchase villas on different dates.

“More than 10,000 people have already registered an interest –  Dubai has not seen anything like this before. This will be a new level of luxury in the emirate, but also very exclusive – it’s something a lot of people want to be part of, but Emaar is going to be very selective this time,” the source added.

According to Emaar’s website, the project is being launched within the first phase of Mohammed Bin Rashid City and will boast “spectacular views over the majestic Dubai skyline and a world class 18-hole golf course.”


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Posted by: Rashid Bin

Dubai is perhaps one of the biggest marketing scams of modern times. It is a greed based machine controlled by a few people who understand marketing and speculation very well. They feed on the need of both Arab and South Asian workers to become "forced consumers". Thus, the only people who benefit from Dubai are those from Dubai.

Those who have the resources available, would not purchase such expensive villas there. Instead, they would fly there in the private jet, conduct business, and leave as soon as possible.

I am sorry to burst the bubble here, but Dubai is no big deal. No matter how much they try to spin it, its not a "cool" place to live. And THAT....is the reason why we are still buying London....

Posted by: Telcoguy

@lol I take you have never visited the Alps

Dubai attracts some 9-10 million tourists, and has some 3bn people at 3 hours flight. The Alps attract 30m with a much smaller population in the nearby

Posted by: Telcoguy

@WHJ thanks for another baseless post. Your arguments are as usual (Alpine) rock solid. I am sorry you still have problems understanding, I sweat I type very slowly

@Not buying, it is amazing the level of insecurity? that people display. There is not one single place in earth that is the "best" for everyone, that is so obvious. The problem with this charade is that hides the real strengths of the place. Oh well
About the concerns and legal situation, yes nothing has really changed, just a gamble, thing is even lotto winners think they were skillful at picking the numbers

@Rashid, yes leaving aside the yesmen in this forum the Arab HNWI are buying in London, Marbella, and the usual places.I wonder why

Posted by: Not buying

@Telco guy

You do actually make sense with your comments and I totally agree with you, however other people who disagree with your comments are trying to carry out a character assassination because they don't like to hear the truth.

Sadly its quite common thing around here when confronted with the blatant lack of ethics they try to turn the tables over.

The tables are definitely turned over as I am still not buying.

And there are more in the same position.

Good luck, your going to need it ; )

Posted by: procan

WHJ you are the one who needs a reality check my friend. We in the West invented modernity to witch Dubai emulates and as far a lifestyle is concerned we got soup to nuts in the West. Dubai is a modern western city and no doubt the best in the Middle East, but the alps are beyond compare and tourist have flocked to them for over 100 years and shall in a 100 more for there beauty and awe shall never diminish .

Posted by: WHJ

@lol. I wouldn't worry about Telcoguy. He never really makes sense and often confuses matters.
As for Paolo C and Fareed Hussain, people come to Dubai for its modernity and lifestyle. If you want to live in the forests, then that's your business, but don't compare a vibrant, modern and remarkable metropolis like Dubai to mountains and trees.

Posted by: Paolo C

Yes, I can imagine 10,000 super rich who want to choose to live in a place where 6 months out of an year the heat is unbearable and the air is highly polluted. Guys, come to the Alps if you want nice hills, real trees, fresh water and and fresh air. True richness is to appreciate the nature around you.

Posted by: Abdallah

@Fareed / Pablo - You consider snow deserts of Canada/Alps as natural but not sand deserts?

Buildings in Canada snow land and resorts in mountains tops of Alps are perfectly natural? But some how others in this part of the world are stupid to build their own economy?

True richness is to appreciate and build their homeland, not migrate out away to a cold wilderness.

Posted by: SA1

Nothing exclusive here.....pretty sure dozens will be flipped the next day.

Posted by: Worried

Just a pity they will wipe away the last beautiful Ghaf tree forest in Dubai (if you drive on Umm Suqeim Road from Motor City and look towards Burj Khalifa you will realize its' beauty) and build over it, planting trees that need irrigation water. These trees don't need water and perfectly fit the landscape. This would have been a golden opportunity to integrate them in the landscaping and build with nature instead of against it. But they seem to never get it... Everything which is natural and selfsustainable must be destroyed...

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