Emad asks: How to find the right people

Having over 25 years of working experience, so I cannot be classified as a startup, but when asking a question on How to build a great team, I am definitely a startup. Despite all work commitments, plans and involvement, somehow couldn’t build a great team or at least a good stable team. Biggest team I had was in 2008 with 11 staff, but reduced to 3 only by end of last year with huge losses. Now building a new team, but the question in the background, will I do it again? Then how can I build the “Great Team”? Best Regards, Emad
By Abdul Rawuf
Sun 13 Jul 2014 01:43 PM

Dear Emad,


Putting together the right team is not an easy feat, but it’s probably one of the most important factors for succeeding in business. Henry Ford is known to have admitted that his success was not due to him knowing how to do things himself, but to knowing people who did!


With a company of your size, it is critical that you hire a team to compliment your skills and bring new knowledge and expertise to the table. So, as a first step, you need to assess your requirements and determine the skills that would bring the most value to your business. Only once that’s clear should you start looking for people. Understanding what and who you’re looking for will make the search much easier.


If your personal networks are not sufficient, consider using various hiring channels such as recruitment agencies or head-hunters for senior positions. Also, be sure to take your time in hiring the right people. Do not “settle” for a candidate just because they’re the best of the lot. Getting these early-stage hires right is key to your business success. And be prepared for an iterative process and fine-tuning along the way.


Once you find the right people, make sure you keep them by motivating them, challenging them, and making sure they get sufficiently rewarded for their efforts.


Wish you the best of luck putting your new team together.


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