Emirates accuses Delta after flight delayed over spare part refusal

Dubai airline claims Delta harmed its operations by refusing it a spare part for its aircraft in the United States


read the article again....which notes that the part of initially given and fitted into Emirates and passengers boarded, but then upon Delta HQ instruction was asked to be removed again.


ACAP - we do not know if Boeing did or did not have the part in stock because the reporter did not ask the question.

The part was eventually sourced from Alaska Airlines - a 737 operator....suggesting a generic Boeing part. There are a lot of Boeings in Seattle.

John's note suggests that a maintenance contract exists with Delta - if that was the case EK would have an action for breach of contract. Sharing of spare parts is common practice, but in this instance does not appear to be based on any formal contract.

The timing of the story is unlikely to be a coincidence. On either side of the US/ME3 argument.


Not all parts are made or available at Boeing HQ. The whole point of maintenance contract is to service the aircraft when required.


This story makes no sense. The Emirates airliner was in Seattle; the home of the Boeing aircraft corporation.

A quick phone call to Boeing and the part is at SEA in thirty minutes. Problem solved.

A concerned airline professional

Did you think about the fact it Boeing may not have had it in stock? So they only way was to loan/purchase from another airline?

It is fairly common for OEMs to not stock slow moving parts. They would be able to provide it albeit, with a lead time. Airbus also does the same.

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