Emirates air stewardess caught trying to smuggle 13kg of gold

The off-duty flight attendant concealed the precious metal in her hand luggage on a flight to India

An Emirates flight attendant was caught trying to smuggle 13kg of gold worth about US $550,000 into India through Hyderabad airport, the Times of India newspaper reported.

According to the report, the off-duty air stewardess, travelling as an ordinary passenger, had concealed the gold in her hand luggage. She was arrested by customs officials at the RGI Airport.

An Emirates spokesperson said: “Emirates confirms that on 9 April 2014 an incident occurred wherein a passenger arriving on flight EK526 from Dubai to Hyderabad was detained by Customs for carrying an undeclared quantity of gold in their baggage. Emirates has extended its cooperation to Customs authorities investigating the matter.”

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Posted by: Louie Tedesco

...and those silly Emirates Airline employees are always whining about their low pay and lack of bonus payements these past years. Yet a lowly cabin crew is carrying around all this gold bullion! What to believe?

Posted by: Matt Williams

@Telcoguy - Agreed, same with alcohol, i can take as much out as I want however each and every country has its own personal import allowances, same with cigs etc etc. I recently went to Thailand and had 4 bottles of wine in my main luggage, silly of me as I did not realise Thailand has a strict 1ltr policy however again it was not stopped DXB side. They didnt take it from me in Thailand also....luckily :)

Posted by: Matt Williams

@mujeeb - There are people like myself who enjoy a glass of wine, you can't open your DF on planes and drink it and surprise surprise most of us drink in moderation.

Thank you.

Posted by: MT3

When I last travelled to Karachi where more or less there is no alcohol, during the three days I was there, I caught a hotel maid in one of the cities best hotels attempting to steal from my room, was constantly annoyed by beggars who attempted to grab at me through the windows of the cars I was driving in (some of whom were among the most pitiful human beings I have ever seen), endured an attempted street mugging, witnessed a robber being beaten senseless by shotgun wielding security guards outside a high class coffee shop, had a meeting cancelled because the daughter of the man I was meeting was gang-raped the night before, was offered countless counterfeit goods and was asked for bribes by the immigration staff at the airport (although this might have been a joke I didn't understand). So really in some places, I don't think the odd drink is going to make much difference one way or the other.

Posted by: Mujeeb Haroon

Dear Matt Williams,

I think using alcohol while travelling is more unsafe. You are alone and staying in unknown place outside your country and some can clear all your pockets, luggage, valuables , passports etc when you are in alcoholic condition . Even the hotel staff can do this job more easily , apart from rules and regulations of different countries of the world.

I have seen alcohol drunken people lying on the streets in very worse condition. I have also seen beggers urinate them.
what a shame.

Posted by: Joseph George

@hpcrt..There is no law against buying any quantity of gold in Dubai.There is none in India also.But in India I suppose there are restrictions in importing gold beyond certain quantities,without declaration and payment of duties.The air hostess (it is alleged ) broke the law and was caught.It should be assumed that the law will take its natural course.

Posted by: hpcrt

When she was taking them out of Dubai non said anything. Why nobody stopped her in Dubai customs? Because she left money in Dubai correct? But when she is stopped in India, you are ready to help to push her into jail!

Posted by: PPM

@Telco Not sure about that one TG.
I'm reminded of an article in the press January 12th to the effect that - in Sharjah at least - it's not legal.
"Two Bangladeshi expatriates have been arrested at Sharjah International Airport while attempting to smuggle 55 bars of 24 carat gold weighting 6.41Kg, according to Sharjah Police.
........ The arrests were made for failing to declare the consignment of gold to the airport authorities."

Does anybody know if Sharjah emirate has different rules to Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

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